Fill In The Blank Friday - Christmas

Something light to get me back into blogging...

1.  "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is..."

Well that's pretty easy, it's singing loud for all to hear.  I save my beautiful voice for the shower and Quinn, though.  I've joke sang in front of my husband quite a bit lately.  According to him, if we ever win the lottery, we're starting a singing group.  We're that 'good'!

2.  The holiday season is...

Usually overwhelming and tiring but this years look to be wonderful.  Something about having a 18 month old who finds delight and fun in everything changes my whole perspective on holidays.  She enjoys life and everything it has to offer, so my goal this year is to have a whole lot of fun with her!  Tonight, we're partaking in a community Christmas and going out to dinner. 

3.  When it comes to holiday decorating...

The more, the better.  I was raised in a household, that when it come to Christmas time, all the regular decorations come down and every wall, nook and cranny is covered with red, white and green.  I've inherited a bunch of Christmas decorations from my mom so our living room is pretty decked out right now.

Note to my mom:  MOM!!  I now know why you've gotten rid of all your decorations...they're either broke, broke or in need of a glue job!  Also, we've had our tree up since Sunday and only one time has Quinn touched something on the tree...she's being such a good girl.  Your decorations will be safe with Quinn...Mitchell on the other hand...

4.  The thing I look forward to most about the holidays is...

Family time, music, lights and all the other activites that come with it!

5.  My favorite holiday tradition is...

On Christmas Eve, we go to Christmas Eve mass.  I love being able to get dressed to the nines in holiday wear.  After mass, we go back to my parent's, eat Mexican for dinner and then unwrap gifts.  After that we usually play some type of game that usually ends up being overly competitive and way too loud!

6.  This year my plans include...

Making a whole bunch of goodies, with the little ones help, doing Christmas crafts and spending time with all of our family.

7.  My favorite holiday food is...

Oreo truffles, sugar cookies with frosting and caramel corn.  I wouldn't mind if my mom my a batch or six of her chocalate cookies.  Christmas food definetly trumps Thanksgiving and every other holidays...I mean it's not even a contest.

So what do you have up your sleeve for the holidays?

Minnie Mouse In The House

If I asked Quinn what she wanted to be for Halloween, she would tell me a ball, dog, cow or night, night because that's about all she says to everything.

Tonight I taught her beep, beep which is pretty fun and I'm hoping she starts using it in public.

I took Quinn trick or treating on Tuesday night around my parents area.  I brought her by my parents and since my mom is too cheap to buy candy (kidding, mom!), she gave her a box of Frosted Flakes and Nutrigrain Bar. 

Chocolate or cereal, it's still food in Quinn's book so she was happy.  If you ever need to bribe Quinn, just say anything about food and she'll be on you like white on bread. 

I had woken Quinn up from her nap in the car so she wasn't too pleased to be taking any sort of picture.

After we were done at my parents, we went into town and visited my Grandma M. and then hit a couple more neighborhoods up for candy.

It was fun taking Quinn this year.  She didn't understand the going up to people to get the candy or rather she was just too shy and scared to.  But she knew that she had some goodies in her bucket.

She had a great time running down driveways and waving to all the other kids.

We stayed up about an hour and a half past her bedtime but it was a lot of fun for the two of us!  Hubs had to miss because of work & pool league.

On Halloween, our town had trick or treaters so we dressed Quinn up and had her greet everyone at the door.  It was a perfect little Halloween.

If you're wondering what Barney & I were for Halloween, just take a look at this precious little picture.

I was know...Oppa, Gangnam Style.
Barney was Bruce Mitchell with his boyfriend Jeremy as the alligator.  "Shooot 'em, shooot 'em".