Today was supposed to be awesome and then my house got broken into

I was going to write today about how super awesome my life it and how it's all rainbows, sunshine, unicorns, pink sparkles and glitter, and cute furry, little puppies. 
But then I woke up pissed off.  There was a toddler lying next to me which made me a little less pissy.
Why was I so pissy?  The little but widely known fact that men are morons.  I'm not talking about the men in your life, I'm talking about one husband.  He pulled the stupid, I forgot the directions to our house and then I ran out of gas and couldn't hitch hike my way back because I'm afraid I would have been murdered routine. 
I wasn't buying any of it.  He should consider marrying his coworkers.
I was just really pissed because I slaved over a Tombstone pizza and he wasn't there to give me compliments and tell me I'm the next Giada. 
Hate to be the person to put it out there and I really don't care who you are because at some point in your life, you're going to second guess saying "yes" and realize your husband is in fact a giant dumbass.  It just goes with the territory.
Wow, just saying that makes me feel better.
So anyways, pissy as I was, I went downstairs to bring some laundry up from the basement and low and behold our back door was bashed in.  I screamed for Barney, said a million explitives and wondered how the day could get worse.
This day was supposed to be awesome...I was doing big things today.
Yes, some assclown broke into our house, rather our home.  The place that's supposed to be my safe zone, my haven.  The place where I'm growing my little girl.
And they broke a chair. 
One thing you don't do, is mess with a mama and her bears den AND you best NEVER mess with her cubs.  I can almost bet that it's the piece of shits across the street.  There's like 58 people renting a house together.  I think they call themselves a family but I'm pretty sure everyone know's they are a bunch of good for nothings. 
I had this really weird feeling last night when I took Quinn out for a run.  I was waiting for the GPS signals to find my watch so I could start and one of the fuck sticks across the street kept watching me.  I couldn't pin point if he was checking me out or waiting for me to leave but either way, it gave me the heebie jeebies.
Needless to say, we got on the horn to the Sheriff's Office to get it on record.  They came out and took a few pictures and stated "we've had a few issues in the neighborhood" to which my husband blantently mentioned the neighbors across the street.  The officer couldn't say anything but basically we knew that's what he meant.  Husband also said, were already paying for their things, why do they need to break into our house?  The officer couldn't disagree.  All our neighbors do all day is drive around the town and then chain smoke in the evening. 
They are fucking worthless.
The thing that makes me the most upset is that we were sleeping just a few feet away.  Luckily, when I went to bed, I decided to move Quinn in with me.  It makes me feel a little better that Quinn was by my side the entire night but it freaks me out that we didn't hear a thing.
They fucked up the door jam pretty bad that I don't know how one of us didn't hear it.  Also, what did they do when they got in?  They didn't take anything, so what was the point?  Also, just to note, in order to get to my back door, you have to open the gate to get into my backyard and that takes some pretty big balls.
I'm on lookout from now on and so are the PO-PO. 
I'm out. 
I'm going to fuck shit up.

The Time I Ran 13 Miles For Fun

Last weekend, I had my big marathon. 
You know, the one I've been training for since the beginning of July. 
The one where I trained through severe heat only to be a mere few degrees above freezing at race time.  Yep, that one.

The race was through the Quad Cities. 
It was 5 races, 4 cities, 3 bridges, 2 states and 1 island.
The old 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
The zero should be the amount of awards I won.

My goal of the race was to come in under 2 hours and I did it with a mere 5 minutes to spare.

Let's break it down.

Mile 1: Ran across a bridge.  It was cold but I felt great.
Mile 2: Feeling awesome. Still a little cold but starting to warm the old body up.
Mile 3:  Is someone stabbing me in the back with a knife?  Am I 90?  My hip feels out of place.?
Mile 4: Pains worked themselves out.  Feeling good.
Mile 5:  Dropping time down to the lower 8's.  Maybe I should slow down.
Mile 6: Am I smiling?  I've been running for nearly 50 minutes, I can't be smiling.  Oh look, a GU pack.
Mile 7:  Got a couple swallows of the GU down with the help of a water chaser.  Those things are nasty.  In awe that I'm running a better pace than I did in my 7 mile race back in July.
Mile 8:  Am I lost?  Did I miss the half-marathon turn?  I can't even fathom running a full marathon.
Mile 9:  Running back across a bridge and it's grated.  I feel like a thousand people are jumping up and down on my feet.
Mile 10:  Holy shit, I still have 3 miles left.  I don't think I'll make it.
Mile 11:  Found a wet towel, all of my clothes are soaked through and just praying I can make it to the end or at least the next water stop.
Mile 13:  Oh look it's the finish line.  I think I'll take off in a dead sprint like I haven't been running for 2 hours.  Oh, I think I just heard my husband!
End:  Maybe I'll do that again.

Isn't that how every race is?  It's so easy to mentally knock myself down in a race and want to quit.  I walked at ever water stop to actually get the liquid down and a couple of times when my chest was feeling heavy but other than that I ran.

I know I'll be doing a half again, it was actually kind of fun.  A full marathon is not in the near or probably even 5 year future.  It would have to be when my kids get old enough that they can fend for themselves while I'm training.

The only thing I wished I had done differently was to suck up the cold at the beginnig of the race and wear a lighter shirt and shorts.

Other than that, I'm pretty proud of my time for it being my first half.

Official Time: 1:54:11
Garmin Stats:  1:54:12


Showing off Bruce.

The Other Half of Our Weekend

Last weekend, we attended the wedding of Barney's first sister.  He doesn't actually have a sister (or a brother for that matter), but if he did, the Pingel girls would be it.  He teases them like a brother would and is sort of protective over them. 

The oldest sister got married over the weekend and it was beautiful.  It was the first time we took Quinn to a wedding and reception (she had been to my cousin's reception over the summer with my parents).  

To my surprise, she actually was one of the quiet kid's throughout the ceremony.  I thought at one point she would have a meltdown so I just shoved some food in her face and she was happy.  She wouldn't sit still and I could tell she wanted to run around but we managed to keep her contained.  She even clapped at the end of the ceremony.

At the reception, all Quinn wanted to do was eat and run down the hall into the men's restroom so my feet didn't fare very well by the end of the night.  That and when Quinn laid down on the dance floor, I knew she was tired so I put her in the stroller and pushed her around for 20 minutes until she fell asleep.

It was a beautiful wedding...the bride and her attendants as pretty as can be, the men dapper, and the weather absolutely gorgeous!

I believe...

I believe…that rolling the windows down, turning the music up and singing as loud as one can eases almost anything
I believe …I’m a better singer in the shower
I believe in… girl time and wine.
I believe in…date nights without the babe.
I believe…that being a mom is hard work but it’s the most rewarding.
I believe…getting lost in a book is the best.
I believe in…iced coffee.
I believe in …karma.  It really is a bitch.
I believe in…being yourself instead of the person you think others want you to be.
I believe in…running to take the stress away.
I believe…that cooking good food is the way to any man’s heart.
I believe in…sleeping half the day away.
I believe in…family snuggle time.
I believe…that women who say they don’t like drama are usually the most dramatic of them all.
I believe in…second chances.
I believe in…little miracles.
I believe in…that laughter is the best medicine.
I believe...that your body and your mind are never the same after a baby.
I believe in…God, Heaven and Hell.
I believe…the best shoes are your two bare feet.
I believe in…standing up for yourself and what you believe in.
I believe in…doing things outside your comfort zone.
I believe…a child’s laugh is the greatest sound and will automatically brighten your day.
I believe…that everything tastes better with bacon and cheese.
I believe in...bleeding black and gold (Go Hawkeyes!!).
I believe in…me.
What do you believe?  Link up with the fabulous Erin at Living in Yellow.

Half of Our Weekend

See that girl?  TROUBLE!  She can now climb up on to the kitchen chairs and make her way onto the kitchen table.  Nothing is safe there anymore.  I can't wait until the day I find her in the middle of our breakfast bar.

The girl is also a charmer, just like her daddy.  She can charm the living shit out of you with her cheesy grin.  We went to Barney's softball games yesterday and then ran a few errands.  Every person she came across she smiled for and melted their hearts.  I have never heard so many people say that she's so adorable or so cute and that they love, love her name.  Boys, you better watch out, she's going go be a heartbreaker! 

This girl can also be really sweet.  She accidentally chucked a phone at my head close range while in bed on Sunday morning and well let's just say that it surprised me and it hurt, real bad so the waterworks started.  Quinn knew she did something wrong, so she got really quiet, hugged me and layed her head on me to make me feel better. 


While also at Barney's softball game, I saw another mom put her baby, who was in her carrier down onto the bleachers.  The carrier flipped over, causing the baby to roll out, hit and bench and fall onto the ground.  I wish I were making this up but I'm not.  Thankfully, her friend was right there to pick the baby up.  The mom took the baby from her friend and told the baby she was sorry.  How she was keeping her composure and not freaking out is beyond me.  If it were her, I would have already been in my car on the way to the ER.  But then again, I wouldn't have rested my childs car seat on a metal bleacher.


My half-marathon is less than a week away.  I trained for 12 miles last night and ended up doing it in 1 hour 43 minutes so getting the sub 2 time that I want shouldn't be a problem.   Last night, I started out running toward the next town around 6:30 pm.  I thought I'd be able to get there and back and there would still be some sort of light out.  I also though that the town was a good 6 miles away.  I was wrong on both accounts.  Not only was the town only 4 miles away but I was also running in complete dark on my way back.  I decided to give in and call my husband before I became road kill.   He called me chicken shit and that I could be seen running on the road.  Sometimes, I don't know that guy's heads at. 

My parents are graciously taking Quinn overnight on Saturday so my plan is to eat myself into a carb induced coma and wake up refreshed early Sunday morning to get my run on.


We watched 21 Jump Street last week and it was hilarious.  It runs along the lines of Pineapple Express, Step Brothers, know right up me and hubs alley.  If you don't have a funny bone, don't bother watching.

Happy Times

Three years ago today, I married this guy...

Three years should be some sort of milestone.  Just kidding, a milestone should be every year.  Like congratulations, you didn't kill each other this year survived yet another year together...oh, joy.

Yesterday, I had this conversation with my dear, dear husband:
Husband:  Do you have to run tonight and Wednesday?
Me: Yes, just like every other week.
Husband: Well Fred (coworker) and I might go golfing tomorrow night.  Just 9 holes.  Shouldn't take too long.
Me: Really?  Tomorrow night?...What is tomorrow Darren?
Husband: (Looooonnnnggggggggg pause.)  Oh right never mind.  Sorry honey.

Surely, he'll remember today...right?

If he didn't make me laugh everyday and was such a good daddy to our little girl, well I guess I wouldn't have married him.  Marriage is tough work.  It hasn't been a smooth, ride but we've managed.  We have our ups and our downs but in the end we figure things out with a little compromise, a lot of love and deep, deep breaths.

The very best part of our life together is this crazy, little thang:

I know, I know.  If we've got one thing right, it's making pretty babies.  She sure does rock our world.

Oh and at the stroke of midnight tonight, it will have been 3 years since my husband passed out face down in our honey moon suite leaving me to my own devices of removing my dress and taking out my hair...I mean he was tired from all that dancing and singing....NOT from any booze.  He barely drank at all.  HA!

Here's to another 3 years Barnballs!!

All Stars Versus Old Balls

My husband is a baller.
Not joking, he loves to play with balls.
Well, I mean softballs but on special occasions, baseballs too.
He had something like 10 records in high school and I want to say about 3 or 4 of them remain in his name (he graduated in 2000).

In August, August 11th to be exact, Barney and a bunch of other alumni of CW got together to play a little game of baseball.
They called themselves the All Stars and the game was played against a team of 50+ who play together regularly in a league.

Barney was the starter at the pitching position.
It was like my high school dream come true.
Yeah, I'm MARRIED to the pitcher and yeah, he's got a real cute tush.
The only thing that would have made it better is if it was football and he was QB.
Actually, it doesn't matter...any man in a sports uniform is A-okay by me.

I don't know exactly how to describe the game.  
It was rather uneventful, except for the last couple of innings.  
No one scored but no one also broke a hip so I guess that's a win in everyone's book.
Aaannnddd...Barney only hit three people.
It was fun to see a bunch of men (in baseball pants, I might add!) get together to play America's favorite past time who haven't touched a baseball since they left the game.

It was a pretty good way to spend a summer night.
I know one little one year old had a blast.

Letters On A Friday

Dear Friday and the weekend,
I am beyond excited that you're here.  Why is that holiday weeks seem to take forever to get through compared to normal weeks??

Dear sangria,
You are delicious and make my life more complete.  I'm big gulping you tomorrow.  Be prepared.

Dear Husband,
 Even though you have the ability to nag like no one ever has, I still love  We'll see what tomorrow brings.  Oh, thanks for lunch today.

Dear everyone who's coming over for the big game tomorrow, 
I love you long time.  We haven't had a big partay at our house for some time now and I'm ready.

Dear blog design,
I rocked you and I'm proud of that.  I'm guess I'm a wee bit more than elementary in understanding java.

Dear late night runs,
You have the ability to not let me sleep but I've been rocking you like a hurricane.  7 miles in 57 minutes last night...yeah, buddy!

Dear readers,
Thank you!

Dear Cyclowns,
Get ready to be owned. 
The Hawkeyes

And with that I bring you these little funnies in honor of the big Iowa/Iowa State game tomorrow.

(I actually had two brothers graduate from Iowa State.  One is actually a Hawkeye fan.)

Have a fabulous weekend!  I know I will.

Meeting Mitch

{Mitchell Patrick was born March 10th, 2012 at 2:01 PM.  He was 7lbs, 7 ounces and 21 inches long}

The weekend of March 30th - April 1st we made the 5 hour road trip (or is it four minus the time change?) over to see my brother, sister-in-law, niece and new nephew in West Lafayette.

The road trip down seemed sort of long.  We stopped at Five Guys in Peoria for lunch and oh my word of the bacon cheeseburger Gods it was good!  Like the best burger I've had, good.  The fries could be improved on but the burgers definitely held their own.  Every chance I get, I'll be stopping by to get my grease fix...and Five Guys, if you're reading this bring that shiz to the QC!

Other than that deliciousness, the ride down also consisted of naps, reading, my sister making inappropriate gestures and Quinn beating her head against our tablet, screaming "are we there yet?"  Girl was not having it in the car.  Something about not being able to move around for 4 hours that can make a girl pissy.  The only thing that really entertained her was my hair in her face.

 Saturday night consisted of hanging out at my brothers house and getting our fill of holding the little one.

Sunday morning we took Quinn down (or was it up?) to the hotel pool for her first ever swim.  My brother, his wife and the kids met us there.  Quinn had so much fun she almost fell asleep in her floater and Raegan was well, typical, crazy, Raegan.

Once everyone was pooled out, we all got ready and headed back over to my brothers.  My sister-in-law had a photographer over to take newborn pictures, brother/sister pictures and since Quinn was in town, a few cousin pictures. 

If you're wondering what kind of camera the photographer used, it was a Canon...model not specified but look of stupidity was given.  Sorry, I ask...I have a natural curiosity when it comes to cameras and photography.

The ride home seemed even longer but we did manage to have a content baby and other passengers thanks to my sisters lap top and Toy Story 3.

And yes, I realize this little event took place 6 whole months ago...what can I say...I'm on the ball?