I had a baby...

I had a baby...and she's already a month old.  I wanted to document her story so 1) I could remember and 2) when I get all baby crazy in a yearish, I can look back and realize that I need a couple more years to go back down that road again.  I don't want to say my experience was traumatizing but it was definitely zero point zero fun and I don't ever want to have to go through things that I went through this time in delivery and post partum in the future.

Here we go...

On Monday, the 27th I was induced at approximately 7 a.m at exactly 39 weeks prego.  Since I had been having high blood pressure, they would not allow me to get up from my delivery bed except for using the restroom in the beginning.  At the time I was induced, I was 3 cm dilated. 

Everything was fine and dandy until they broke my water at 12:42 p.m. exactly (don't ask me why I remember this time...maybe because I wasn't under the influence of drugs...yet).  Holy gush of fluids and disgustingness.  I think it took the doctor nearly 5-10 minutes to pop the water bag and in water bag popping time, that's forever.  It was one of the most uncomfortable and invasive things so far that day.

By 2:30/3:00 p.m. I was definitely feeling my contractions.  They initially started in the front, then moved to the back.  The back labor was horrendous so I asked for Nubain (IV administered drug) thinking it would take away a bit of the pain I was feeling.  No such luck.  It made me feel loopy and out of it but I still felt the same amount of pain when the contractions came.  It just made me relax between contractions.  I was still only dilated to 3.

Around 3:30-4ish, I couldn't take my back pain any longer and requested an epidural.  This was the best decision that I could have ever made.  It didn't take very long to put in and compared to the contractions I was feeling, it was painless. 

During the day, my blood pressure continued to be very high so I was given blood pressure medication via my IV a few different times.  It continued to escalate and be at a severe level so the doctor said I needed to have magnesium sulfate hooked up to me through my IV to prevent any seizures.  I think they thought I was developing preclampsia in delivery based on my high blood pressure so the magnesium was to help with that as well.  Since the magnesium can slow down labor, they had to up my pitocin.  By 5, the doctor let me know that my contractions weren't strong enough to make me progress further.  At this time, I was still at 3-4 cm (bummer).

I told Barney that I would make a decision around 9 pm as to whether I was going to get a C-section or not if I was still stuck at the same dilation.  The doctor came in around 9 p.m., checked me and I had progressed to 9 cm.  So I decided to stick it out for one more centimeter because who actually would choose to get a C-section?!

Around 10:30ish, I told the nurse that I was feeling pressure and that maybe I should start pushing.  Push, push, push for an hour and half and then they tell me to stop so they can get the doctor.  What??  It took the doctor forever and a day to get to my room but once she did, it was a couple quick pushes and our little nugget entered the world at exactly 12:04 on Tuesday, June 28th.  A mere 16-17 hours after the whole process started we had our girl, Quinn Olivia.

She weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces and measured 19.5 inches long with loads of hair and beautiful blue eyes. 

The 22 hours after she was born, I had to be on magnesium and remain in my bed and delivery room.  It wasn't until Tuesday night that I was moved to the mom and baby unit and allowed to walk around.  On Wednesday morning, I was finally allowed to shower.  I felt like a million dollars after that shower!

Right now Quinn's favorite things to do are eat, poop and sleep.  She is smiling more and more each day.  She's the prettiest when she smiles.  She's finally, almost out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 months.  She still rocking NB diapers though.

I love being a mommy and everything that comes with it...good or bad.  She's my version of the perfect baby and I think we are now at the point where we know exactly what she wants.  She wakes once per night which I'm very grateful for.  The only thing we haven't mastered is getting out the door at the time we intend to.  It's hard and very time consuming to get myself and the baby ready, packed up and out the door.

Hubby is great with her and you can tell she loves her daddy.

Baby's Two Week Checkup Stats:
Head - 36, 50th percentile
Weight - 7 pounds 6 ounces, 25th percentile
Length - 20 inches, 40th percentile

My pregnancy stats:
Starting weight - 115 lbs.
Ending weight - 161 lbs.
Weight gain - 46 lbs. (wowza!)

I'm currently 2.5 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight but am definitely not stressing to get back down to that weight although I'm starting to get back into the workout swing.  I honestly can't believe how fast the weight came off (I thought people were crazy when they told me how fast it would).  I think half the weight was in my swollen feet, ankles and legs. 


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