Week 17

I had a complete and utter meltdown this morning.  It started out as a disagreement over guns and shoes and then just manifested into me being a big gushy, over hormoned mess. 

Weight gain ~ 7 lbs.

Maternity clothes ~ still a no.  Pants getting a wee bit tighter.  I woke up Monday and knew the belly had grown so I wore my "fat" jeans to work.

Sleep ~ getting more comfortable with sleeping on my sides. 

Best moment this week ~  There is something happening at my house...it's spooky.  Yesterday, I wasn't having the greatest day.  Walking through the door at 7:30 pm, I immediately hear the radio from the kitchen and I know something/someone is jiving inside.  My husband was decluttering the kitchen, the "green room", had the laundry going and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher  I love it when the hubs gets the initiative to do something on his own, not requested by me.  This is simply amazing!  Since finding out we were pregnant, his helping around the house without me asking has significantly increased.  I hope this trend continues into his future daddy duties. 

This week I also felt the baby...well I think. 

Cravings ~  Pepsi, Wheat Thins, and jalapeno chips.

Gender ~ T-minus 4 weeks away from finding out...

What I look forward to ~ the dinner party that Barney & I are hosting tonight.  We're making home made tenderloins, cheesy party potatoes, baked beans & funny cake.  I'll be sure to include recipes and pictures of each!

Milestones ~ Baby is approximately 5 inches long (about size of a ballpoint pen).  Baby can touch their own face and is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid as he/she learns to breathe.  Soon baby will start to develop fat tissue to help insulate their body and regulate body temperature.

Throwin' It Back Thursday vol. 2

This Thursday sucks big balls!  I was of course late to work or later than I wanted to get here which in turn only prolongs the hour in which I get to leave this lovely place (but what's new!?).  Had what felt like hours and hours on end of calls and took a late lunch.  While on my way back from lunch, I got stuck by the freaking train downtown.  When this happens, you basically have two choices: walk 82 blocks out the way or wait.  I waited (for the second day in a row) and froze my toes off.  I know, poor me...

Ducking trains....

After work brings grocery shopping and working out.  Seriously, this day can suck it.  I want my sweatpants, NOW!

Did I mention that my parents are currently in Mexico??  Taking in the beautiful weather, drinks and anything else Mexico has to offer (which is a hell of a lot more than Iowa can muster up right now).  They do deserve it.  How they've managed to care for 5 kids and go so long without taking a real, relaxing vacation is crazy to me.  If you ever meet any of my brothers and sister you would completely understand (HA! I hope you all are reading).  Sometimes I feel as though my family life resembles that of Chelsea Handler only my dad isn't completely crazy. But yes, Sloane is my sister.

I need a drink.

Ok, enough getting off subject (stop distracting me!).  There is a real reason you're taking the time to read this...

What can turn a sucky day into something semi-fantastic?? Music. 

Music puts people in better moods unless it's Kesha (oh, sorry I forgot the $ sign).  How this garbage sack wearing hobo chick ever got a record deal is beyond me.  Apparently whoever signed this thing is tone deaf.  She should've stopped at Tik Tok (or maybe not even made that either)....I would have personally thanked her.  Of course, my sister loves her.  End of rant.

On to the goods....
Who doesn't love a little Bob Marley?! 

The following song makes me feel better about my day.  It's a perfect rainy day song.

Sweaty litter baby fire...

I love those sites that make you laugh out loud and bring joy to your rather dull day/life (Funny or Die, Texts From Last Night and so on).  I found this little gem the other day via a "friend" on Facebook.  Try really, really hard not to laugh while perusing this site - I dare you.   


Week 16

I went to my week 16 appointment yesterday and all is good.  I actually heard the heart beat for the first time which was pretty neat (similar to a washing machine).  Barney missed out.  I told him he could sit in the waiting room which he wanted to do anyways.  I did my best impersonation of the heart beat though and I'm sure he'll hear it some other time. 

On our way back home, we picked up Nickelberry's Pizza (where Paul Revere's used to be - I believe it's the same owner.  The breadsticks are still yummy but the pizza not so much) and stopped by my parents to pick up maternity books and name books loaned to me by my sister in-law.  Wow - I didn't know one person could own so many!  I'm not typically a reference book reader so I am a little overwhelmed.  I did find some things in the "What to Expect..." book where it made me do the whole "oh yeah, I can totally relate" or "what the hell are they talking about!?". 

I spent the majority of my night going through girl's names to add to my list.  Back in college, I started a list of names that I like.  It's an extremely good idea because over time you tend to forget the names you like so having a list accumulated with names comes in very handy once you actually have to consider these names.  My list of 20 -30 girl names was dwindled down to three.  Three stinking names out of 30 that we could agree on.  Of course, Barney has had our boy's name picked out for years...even before we ever considered marriage.  Don't worry, I like it to otherwise it wouldn't fly.

We also got a few more baby items: Baby's First Christmas ornament from my mom and dad; Christmas PJ/sleeper, Cub's gear for our little fan, Peek-a-Boo rattle and booties from my brother, sister-in-law and niece; and a Pregnancy magazine and ultrasound picture frame from my favorite two people in Wisconsin!  Thank you all!

 Gifts from fabulous people

16 weeks
Weight gain ~  approximately 6 lbs (wowzers!  I was either in denial last week about gaining weight or I just didn't trust my scale.  My weight fluctuates so much anyways that I never truly know what my weight is.  Fully aware that time of day and water fluctuate weight as well - you don't have to tell me.  FYI - I'm not a cow and didn't just gain this weight in a week.)

Maternity clothes ~  no! :) My pants are getting snugger though.  I bought a Bella Band so I'm fully prepared for anything I may wake up to!

Sleep ~ Sleeping well.  I wake up at least once a night to relieve my bladder but I'm getting used to this now.  Just this week I switched to sleeping on my sides - not by choice.  This completely blows!  I'm a back sleeper and sleeping on my side makes my stomach upset.  I've cheated a bit and shoved a pillow under one of my sides so I'm not totally on my back but it still feels similar to lying on my back.  Every time I wake up in the middle of the night though, I'm on my back so I really don't see the point in resisting what my body wants.  Yes, I get it...it's not good for the baby...blabbity, blah, blah.

Best moment this week ~ Cleaning out the basement bedroom which was full of crap from moving over a year ago to move our upstairs "guest room" down so we can start on a nursery/baby's room. 

Cravings ~  Pizza and Mountain Dew

Gender ~   We'll be finding out in exactly 5 weeks.  I refused to have an appointment any other day than Friday since this day works best in my schedule so we won't get to find out until 21 weeks (20 weeks is norm).

What I look forward to ~ Getting a spray tan!  I feel so pale and need some color!  Don't worry the doctor says it's just a stain and it will not hurt the baby.

Milestones ~ Baby is about the size of your palm and may begin to move this week.  Baby can kick it's feet and make grasping motions with his/her hands.  Baby's eyes are becoming more sensitive to light.  Baby's bones and muscles are all in place and the nervous system is starting to exert control. 

Throwin' It Back Thursday

It's Thursday...one day away from the glorious start of a weekend.  I particularly like Thursday's.  It's the last day I have to spend in the office and it means I get to sleep in tomorrow.  Halleluiah!  To get you in the mood for the weekend, I'm throwing it back...circa 1997.  Enjoy!

Now onto something current.  Get it girl! 

I'm impossible...

I really am.  I was thoroughly annoyed by the design of my blog.  I wanted a simple design yet with a pop of color.  I think I've finally got 'er nailed down (I'll probably change it again soon because I am that indecisive).  Now I want a creative, new name for the blog.  I started the blog with the intention of sharing things going on in our family's lives and to share delicious recipes (still having to do with my fam).  I'm branching out and writing about all things I love - music, movies, television, shoe's, so on and so on.  The title of the blog doesn't really match that material.  I'm guessing my husband could give two shits less about any of those things - especially shoes.  He probably will never grace the pages of this blog so the title doesn't really fit.  At the time, it was a filler until I could come up with something a little more creative and that time is now.  Suggestions welcome! 

P.S.  I know there are more followers than you people are letting on...my stats confirm it so grow some balls and let me know you read it by clicking on my Follower widget.  Or not, just continue to creep.

Newest Purchase + Super Easy Dillas

Barney enjoys going to a variety of sales/auctions to find bargains of all types.  I've gotten better with this idea of buying used instead of new since we got our bedroom set last year.  The brand is Kincaid and we were told if we bought it new, it would cost around $8,000 for the entire set which consisted of a king size bed, two 5-drawer dressers and two nightstands.  Barney's bidding magic got us this extremely nice and well kept set for a little under $700.  How's that for a bargain?!  Well worth every dollar. 

This past weekend we brought our happy asses to an estate auction (finally a sale where I could potentially find something interesting).  I am glad that I went.  I found the coolest item - something I've wanted since I was little.  If I were you, I would be very jealous of this bad boy.  It's a globe...yep!  But not any ordinary globe, it lights up with flick of the switch.  Badass!  Once I saw this puppy, I knew it would soon be mine.  Of course Barney got practical things like a radio and a stool for his garage and a picnic table - nothing as exciting as my purchase.  I've decided that I would somehow incorporate it into the baby's room - good thinking, huh?  If anything, it's a cool light and I'm sure one day the child will get some use out of it.  Suggestions are always welcome on how to incorporate this into baby's room.

Try hard to not be jealous!

Now on to food....

Super Easy Peasy Quesadillas
1 package fajita seasoning
Chicken, steak or any other meat of your choosing
Colby and monterey jack or mild cheddar shredded cheese

Prepare meat with fajita seasoning according to the back of the fajita seasoning packet.  Once finished, the entire quesadilla can be constructed.  Put as much shredded cheese as desired onto one tortilla.  Place meat on top of cheese and top with additional cheese.  Place another tortilla onto of chicken & cheese.  The cheese needs to be touching both tortillas otherwise your quesadilla won't stick together.  Place quesadilla in your quesadilla maker.  If you don't have a quesadilla maker such as the one below, simply add a tablespoon of oil (prefer Olive as it's healthier) to a skillet pan and heat (medium heat setting should work).  Place quesadilla in skillet.  Cook until lightly brown (2-5 minutes per side).  Flip entire quesadilla to cook opposite side.  Enjoy!

Note: You can add other ingredients such as peppers, salsa...whatever you like (we're pretty simple).  Just make sure cheese is touching both tortillas so the quesadilla remains in tact.

 My little helper
 Dilla maker
Finished product

Barney + Opening Presents = My Future Child

So I took a few pictures of Barney opening his Christmas presents.  Now that I am blogging, it's necessary to take pictures of everything and I mean everything (well the camera doesn't belong in the bathroom, especially if the in use light is on).  The pictures make me smile...alot.  This is probably what my child is going to look and act like so I better get used to it.  Here we go...

 Smile pretty for the camera

 Yay! It's Big Buddy!

The fit has started....

Hope your holidays were filled with as much cheer as mine and that guy.

Baby on Board

We have exciting news!  If you have not heard yet, we have a baby on board or a bun in the oven - whichever you prefer.  The little one is expected to arrive July 4th!  Yes, a little firecracker baby!  July is by far the best month of the year, hands down, especially the 8th and now we have something even more exciting to add to it.  Both of our parents are of course excited as well as the rest of our famiy.  I'm excited to provide my favorite niece with a playmate but probably someone she'll pick on! 

As far as the pregnancy has gone thus far, is no bueno.  The first three months were miserable and I mean that in the best way.  From constantly being tired/lack of energy, to not being able to eat or have the craving to eat anything outside of the breakfast category, to the morning sickness (more night time for me) to the turning into a complete dumb ass, I hated the first three months of pregnancy.  I'm a little mad that all my friends who have gone through pregnancies did not warn me that you lose close to all of your brain cells - enough to question how you're actually functioning on a daily basis (and forgetfulness too!).  For those of you looking to be pregnant, don't say that I didn't warn you - you turn into a giant moron! 

Now that I'm in the second trimester (week 15 to be exact), I've noticed a significant increase or decrease in all symptoms mentioned above.  I have all my energy back and have started back to working out between 3 - 5 days a week.  I feel less nauseous and can eat mostly anything although the breakfast category is still my favorite!  Most importantly, I feel as though most of my brain cells have been rightfully returned to me.  The last week I've noticed at night that I feel most pregnant.  I feel large and in charge even though to date I don't think I've gained any weight (not sure if this is good or bad with what I've read online). 

12 1/2 weeks

Baby Gear Received
A diaper bag and Barney's baby blanket from Grandpa & Grandma L., an Iowa Hawkeye outfit (Hawkeye gear always welcome!) from Grandpa and Grandma M. and Osh Kosh B'gosh pinstripped bibs received as a wedding gift because Barney used to wear these bibs all the time as a child (we can finally put these to good use!).

I stole the following from a friend of mine who updated her blog weekly on her happenings in pregnancy land and I think it's fun to keep track of what changes from week to week during pregnancy!

Weight gain ~ as mentioned above, I don't think I've actually gained any weight but I do feel the "bump" growing a tiny bit in size.

Symptoms ~  Other than feeling fat at night, I don't have alot of pregnancy symptoms.

Maternity clothes ~ None, THANK GOD!  Thankfully all of my normal clothes fit perfectly but I've noticed that some are not that flattering on me now as they were before.

Sleep ~ I love sleep - I strive for at least 8-9 hours a night.  Weekends I usually get about 12 hours at least one of the nights...it rocks!

Best moment this week ~ Finally getting Netflix on the Wii...hello instant queue!

Cravings ~ Pizza, lemonade, cereal and granola bars.  I don't crave meat, however, burgers have been hitting the spot.  Having never ordered burgers when out to eat before it's the only thing I do order now.  I've been trying to stay away from steak.  I love mine medium rare and that's kind of a no, no during pregnancy.  I also miss Jimmy Johns but Panera has been filling my cold sandwich void.

Gender ~  We cannot find out until week 20 and yes, we will find out.  We won't be sharing names once we find out but will share the gender with everyone.

What I look forward to ~ Our week 16 appointment next week as well as finding out baby's gender in 5 weeks.

Milestones ~ Baby is about the size of an peach and can move all its limbs and joints!

By the way, in case you're wondering, no I do not want to share my birthday with the little one - we each need our own day - a day each of pampering from Barney :)

First Post and Oreo Balls!

I've moved my blog to accommodate my blogging needs/wants.  So deal with it. 

Here is my original blog published on 12/13/2010:
I've been on the fence about blogging for quite awhile because let's face it, we're not that exciting and do you really want or need to know about the happenings or rather miss-happenings in our lives?  Well you're here, so you must!  I've decided that I won't put up a bunch of blogs about random boring things happening in our lives but things that Barney and I enjoy...like eating...

For my first blog, I've decided to put you in the holiday spirit by providing you a delicious little concoction in the form of Oreo Balls or "Reindeer Turds" as I've heard them called.  These are simple and extremely tasty.  My husband loves these!  Warning: don't have more than 2-3 at a sitting, they will make your gut hurt - for real!

Oreo Balls
8 oz. cream cheese
1 package Oreo's
White chocolate Almond bark or semi-sweet chocolate chips

Start by crushing the Oreo's into smaller chunks - don't make a dusting out of them as they will need to be formed into balls later.  This can be accomplished by using your blender or putting them in a Ziploc bag and crushing with a rolling pin.  Once the Oreo's are crushed, add in the cream cheese.  Mix together.  Shape Oreo/cream cheese mixture into 3/4 inch balls.  Place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper (this will make cleaning up a breeze!).  Freeze or refrigerate balls as needed.  Melt Almond bark or semi-sweet chocolate chips in microwave using 15-20 second increments.  Once melted, throw in a ball, ensure it's covered with the melted topping, and place on a cookie sheet.  Freeze balls with the coating until the coating has hardened.  You can decorate with sprinkles or whatever tickles your fancy.  They are good on their own as well.  Enjoy!

I would love to provide a picture of these, however, after making them this past weekend, I sent them over to deer camp and I'm pretty sure we all know where those are now.