Life Lately + April Photo A Day (First Half)

Since I haven't been here in awhile, I thought I would show you how life has been treating us outside of the whole ear situation with Quinn. 

There is still a lot of laughter, smiles and fun!

Life is pretty sweet.

{1}  St. Patty's Day   {2} St Patty's Day nap.  {3}  Cousin time {4}  Riding dirty

{1} Giggle with daddy {2} The look {3} Getting a little help with walking {4} Sweet, precious little girl

{1} Day 5: tiny {2) Sleeping beauty {3} Messy girl {4} Favorite place in my house: my bookshelf

 {1} Cat snooze {2} Easter basket hunt

{1} Attempting to get into "the library" {2} Watching intently {3} Cheering on the Cubbies

{1} Honey Weiss - YUM! {2} Day 8: inside my wallet {3} Only time this tree is pretty {4} Day 9: younger me (and older sis...I'm on the bike)

{1} Outside fun
{2} Day 10: cold
{3}   Day 11: where I ate breakfast

{1} Day12: stairs {2} Weird sleeper {3} Breakfast of champions {4} Always eating

{1} Changing oil {2} How not to do your child's hair {3} Day 14: how I feel today {4} Passed out at dinner

Hope life is treating you all just as good!

Book Club: Evanovich Style

I've been on a reading frenzy this year.  I set a goal to read 20 books and I'm over halfway there and it's only April!  

Anyways, lately I've read Love In A Nutshell and Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich.

Kate Appleton needs a job. Her husband has left her, she’s been fired from her position as a magazine editor, and the only place she wants to go is to her parents’ summer house, The Nutshell, in Keene’s Harbor, Michigan. Kate’s plan is to turn The Nutshell into a Bed and Breakfast. Problem is, she needs cash, and the only job she can land is less than savory. 
Matt Culhane wants Kate to spy on his brewery employees. Someone has been sabotaging his company, and Kate is just new enough in town that she can insert herself into Culhane’s business and snoop around for him. If Kate finds the culprit, Matt will pay her a $20,000 bonus. Needless to say, Kate is highly motivated. But several problems present themselves. Kate despises beer. No one seems to trust her. And she is falling hard for her boss. 

Can these two smoke out a saboteur, save Kate’s family home, and keep a killer from closing in…all while resisting their undeniable attraction to one another? 

I definitely enjoyed the two main characters of the book and their "attitudes" toward one another. Kate was fiesty and sassy, while Matt tried to match her wit. You really got a feel of how exactly playful they were together but not overly cheesy or anything. I didn't figure out who the saboteur was until the very end.

4 out of 5 stars

Mysterious men have a way of showing up in Stephanie Plum's apartment. When the shadowy Diesel appears, he has a task for Stephanie--and he's not taking no for an answer. Annie Hart is a "relationship expert" who is wanted for armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Stephanie needs to find her, fast. Diesel knows where she is. So they make a deal: He'll help her get Annie if Stephanie plays matchmaker to several of Annie's most difficult clients. But someone wants to find Annie even more than Diesel and Stephanie. Someone with a nasty temper. And someone with "unmentionable" skills. Does Diesel know more than he's saying about Annie Hart? Does Diesel have secrets he's keeping from Stephanie and the two men in her life--Ranger and Morelli? With Stephanie Plum in over her head, things are sure to get a little dicey and a little explosive, Jersey style!

Not as good as her other Stephanie Plum novels. It's only 160 pages so she didn't go as deep into character relationships and story line as she could have. The "capture" was sort of lame. Still funny but not as good as I thought it could be. Evanovich does stick true to her hilarious Stephanie Plum character. Oh and apparently, Stephanie is a giant whore.

4 out of 5 stars

Happy Reading,

Quinn, the ENT and Tubes

I last left this little blog of mine letting you all know about the trouble we've been having with Quinn's ears and the number of ear infections she's had since January. 

Wednesday afternoon of last week, we headed to the ENT.  

Pre-rocephin: Day 3

But first a couple of things.

 {ONE} know where you're going.  It'll save you a lot of time, stair climbing and sweating.

{TWO} let me just say that having a baby who can move around quite a bit on her own in a little tiny bathroom while your trying to use the restroom is hard.  
"no Quinn, NO Quinn, NO QUINN! That's yucky!"

{THREE} it's always a good idea to bring in the diaper bag with you to check your child to see if she, oh I don't know, shit her pants in the process of you using the rest room instead of waiting to check your child after you had just came back to the waiting area only to have to walk back to the restroom to de-shitify your child's hiney.

Post-rocephin: Day 3
Now onto the appointment.

Quinn had her ears tested by one of the nurses, like they do to babies in the hospital.  Basically she put what looked like ear plugged covered jellies into each of hers ears and pushed a button on her little do-hanky and somehow it told you if the ear passed or not, all the while playing sweet melodies into Quinn's ears.  Of course, Quinn kept pulling them out.

Then they put us in this sound box to test more of Quinn's hearing and sight.  This didn't take very long.  The nurse warned us that the babies usually get bored about a minute or two into it.

Then we saw the doctor.  It took him basically 2.5 seconds to say, yes, your child should get tubes.  He's either really good at his job or my kid's ears are nasty.  We'll go with both.

Post-rocephin: day 3 - mom fail!  I forgot formula at home!

After looking in her ears, he said the redness is gone but the fluid remains.  Also, she passed her right ear, failed her left which was not a surprise to anyone.

So, tomorrow morning, I take my little nugget to get tubes put into her ears.  I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be with the surgery aspect of it as I am about giving my baby over to someone I don't know and not being there for her when they gas her out. 

She's squirmy and hates leaving her mama, so I'm worried.  I just don't want them to "restrain" her while they put the mask over her face.  She doesn't understand what's going on and I don't want her thinking that I'm not there for her.

There I said it.

Pre-stroller run tonight.

Anyways, I'm taking my anxiety ridden butt somewhere to not think about this until morning.

Hopefully by the weekend, we'll have a back to normal baby and a bed to ourselves at night!