Getting to know me, one letter at a time

A. area code: This makes me think of Luda...I've got hoes in different area codes only he didn't include 563.

B. bed size: purchase ever!

C. chore you hate: dusting and cleaning the bathroom.

D. dog's name:  we don't have one at our house because we live in town but we have a dog named Annie who stays at hubby's parents house.

E. essential "start of the day":  Mountain Dew or Mandarin Orange Spark

F.  favorite color:  royal blue, it was our wedding color.

G. gold or silver:  depends on what I'm wearing.  My wedding ring is silver.

H.  height: 5'1

I.  instruments you play:  I couldn't play an instrument to save my life. 

J.  job:  Queen/boss of my household but normally I'm an auditor for a Fortune 500 company (doesn't that sound important?!).

K.  kids: one little nugget named Quinn who is 5 weeks old.

L.  living arrangements: ranch style house with my hot husband and cute kiddo.

M.  mom's name: Cindy Lou...holler mom!

N.  nickname: I have so many...tiny, little bug, Ray Ray, small fry, bitch...kidding.

O.  overnight hospital stay: just to give birth.

P.  pet peeve:  Again, there are so many...whistling, bad drivers, people who don't wait their turn

Q.  quote from movie:  "And we were dressed head to toe in love...the only label that never goes out of style" ~ Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

"Would you please put some pants on?  I feel weird having to ask you twice." ~ Phil Wenneck, The Hangover

R.  righty or lefty:  righty

S.  siblings:  1 sister and 3 brothers.  I am the middle child.

T.  time you wake up: 6ish when I have to actually go to work.  Now that I'm maternity leave I wake whenever the baby needs fed and then I'm up for the day around 10.

U.  underwear: what are these?  Only kidding, I wear underwear daily, I swear.

V.  vegetables you dislike: peas

W.  ways or reasons you are late: I hit snooze all the time because apparently 5 more minutes of sleep will make me even more refreshed for the day?

X.  x-rays: teeth, arm and ankle that I can remember or think of.

Y.  yummy food you make:  everything I make usually turns out yummy but I make a killer tenderloin and quesadillas.

Z.  zoo animals you like:  elephants, giraffes and hippos basically anything you would find on a safari.  Quinn has a safari theme in her room.


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  2. Love the quote from Sex in the City! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Newsday Tuesday Blog Hop. I am so excited that voiceboks is such a supportive group and that it now has hopper mania! Would love a visit and a follow back! Thanks. Nice to meet you. :)


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