Life Lately + April Photo A Day (First Half)

Since I haven't been here in awhile, I thought I would show you how life has been treating us outside of the whole ear situation with Quinn. 

There is still a lot of laughter, smiles and fun!

Life is pretty sweet.

{1}  St. Patty's Day   {2} St Patty's Day nap.  {3}  Cousin time {4}  Riding dirty

{1} Giggle with daddy {2} The look {3} Getting a little help with walking {4} Sweet, precious little girl

{1} Day 5: tiny {2) Sleeping beauty {3} Messy girl {4} Favorite place in my house: my bookshelf

 {1} Cat snooze {2} Easter basket hunt

{1} Attempting to get into "the library" {2} Watching intently {3} Cheering on the Cubbies

{1} Honey Weiss - YUM! {2} Day 8: inside my wallet {3} Only time this tree is pretty {4} Day 9: younger me (and older sis...I'm on the bike)

{1} Outside fun
{2} Day 10: cold
{3}   Day 11: where I ate breakfast

{1} Day12: stairs {2} Weird sleeper {3} Breakfast of champions {4} Always eating

{1} Changing oil {2} How not to do your child's hair {3} Day 14: how I feel today {4} Passed out at dinner

Hope life is treating you all just as good!

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  1. Love all the pics! I need to get caught up on the past 3 days!


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