2016 GOALS

If you could choose one word that will describe your 2016, what would you choose? 

My word is growth.

Whether it's my career, coaching business, personal development, kids, marriage, blog and so on.  I want to see growth in all areas.  I feel like every single day, I'm going through the motions and life is pretty status quo.  This year I want to see and do something different.  Get outside of my mundane life and make it an exceptional life or at the very least, a better one. 

The breakdown:

Career/Coaching Business

Finish the AINS (Associate in Insurance) designation.  I started this 3 years ago, passed the first 3 classes with ease but haven't had the time or motivation to finish the Commercial portion.  

Reach the next level in my coaching business.  Be a product of the product: finish 3 programs, start to finish and drink superfoods religiously.

Personal Development

Read 12 fun books and 12 personal development books.  I usually set a goal of a certain number of books for the year but I'm taking it up a notch by reading half of my total in personal development.  


Do more creative projects with Quinn.

Take more time to spend quality one on one time with each kid.

Work through the Brain Quest workbook for Pre-K with Quinn.

Use more patience.  This one is going to be hard but it's something that I need to practice.


Schedule in more date nights without the kids.  I could count on one hand alone the number of times we went out last year without the kids and I'd probably have a couple of fingers leftover.  

Read a personal development book that will guide us through some marriage based activities.

Wake Up Earlier

Waking up is very serious struggle for me.  My kids typically sleep until 7:15 in the morning during the week, probably longer if I let them and around 8 on the weekends.  While this is great, it doesn't help me get out of bed.  I'm always in a rush in the mornings and waking up even 15 minutes earlier would be a big help.

Back Up Pictures

This is a project that I had for maternity leave that I never got around to.  I started it a few weekends ago before the holidays and never finished.  I will feel so much better knowing that I have an extra copy of my irreplaceable pictures around.


Blogging didn't exist for me the last couple of years and I want to change that.   I had loads of fun when I used to blog and I want to get back to a point of writing throughout the year.  I documented everything about my pregnancy, week by week with Quinn and even did monthly updates.  I have done zero documentation with Chase.  It makes me sad that I didn't document my pregnancy but I was really depressed during it (dang hormones) and blogging about my pregnancy experiences was the last thing I wanted to do.  I'm hoping to document more of Chase's life outside of the womb.  My goal is to write 10-15 times per month.

So, what are your goals for the New Year?

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