This past weekend, we were looking for something fun for Quinn to do.  Lately, she's been coming home from daycare and wants to sit on her butt and watch YouTube for Kids for hours.  We aren't having it.  I wanted to take advantage of the weather and get out while we could since our Saturday was wide open.

I took to Facebook asking all my friends for suggestions on where to take a four year old (and her four month old brother).  They were all really good suggestions, some places we've taken her before, some new places we could try.  But they were all so costly.  Quinn is the type of person who can blow right through a museum at super sonic speed.  She blew through the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, in 45 minutes.  Some days I think it takes her longer to get ready and get out the door for our activities than she spends doing the activity.

We decided to head across the river to the John Deere Pavilion for our first visit.  How we've been living so close to it but haven't visited before is beyond me.  It's really neat in there...basically every farmers dream.  Plus, it's all completely free.  The coolest part is that everyone can climb up, explore and touch all the equipment.  There is a place where you can experiment with computer generated back hoes and excavators at a construction site.  It even estimates how much damage we were causing and money we were making.  I walked away after unsuccessfully dropping a load and causing $68 in damage.  I think Quinn may have racked up thousands in damage.

After exploring the pavilion, we headed back across the river to Iowa and took Quinn to her favorite park, Rocket Park.  It has a rubber like mat under the entire play ground so even though it was warm and messy everywhere else, the playground was pretty clean.  Chase received his first swing ride and got to go down the slide a few times with his sister.

If you live in, plan on visiting or are passing through the Quad Cities, I highly recommend checking out the John Deere Pavilion!

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