Post Tubes

On Thursday April 12th, Quinn had her ear tube surgery.

We arrived at the surgery center at about 7:15 a.m. and were sent back to a room fairly quickly. 

Quinn was the first surgery of the day because she was the youngest patient there.

We met with two nurses to go over paperwork and order of events.  Then we met with the anesthesiologist to go over how he was going to put her out and finally the doctor as to what he was going to do during the actual surgery.

Between all the vistors we had, we just chilled on her bed and played with toys.  She was super happy.  It was hard to believe that she had bad ears and that she hadn't eat for 12+ hours.

The nurses came to take Quinn and her bed away and Quinn was so busy watching everything and everyone that she didn't even notice that she was leaving me.  This was the thing I was most nervous about - that she would cry leaving me and wouldn't have me there during the actual surgery.

After Quinn was hauled away, I went to the waiting room and about 15 minutes later they were asking for me.  The surgery was so much quicker than I thought it would be.

I was put in a room where the doctor briefed me on how the surgery went and what we have to do after.

I was then allowed to go back into her room to see her.  Thankfully she was still asleep and kept sleeping for 10-15 minutes longer while I stood there and combed through her hair.

When she woke, she was groggy and started to cry.  I had a bottle pre-mad for her and I was able to pick her up, console her with the bottle and give lots of mom hugs and kisses.  Pretty soon she was calm, watching me play with her toys.

As soon as we were released and got into the car, Quinn was down again for the count and slept the entire way home.

When we got home, I assumed she would want to sleep the majority of the day, you know, having surgery and all, but that clearly was not on her to do list that day  She wanted to play and play hard.  She giggled, laughed and smiled the entire rest of the day and I knew the surgery had done the trick.

We finally had our happy baby back.

We administered her ear drops a few times a day for 10 days.  At the very end of the 10 days (the weekend of the 21st/22nd), we started noticing her ears draining more slimy liquid than they had all days prior, combined.

I finally called the ENT on Tuesday and they confirmed with all the drainage, she has yet another infection.

Now we are back on an oral antibiotic and 10 more days of drops.  I'm just glad we have the tubes to get the infection out now instead of letting it pressurize inside and having an extremely crabtastic baby.

We have to postpone our follow up appointment with the ENT until Quinn gets the newest infection out.

I'm anxious to hear if her hearing comes back okay.  She's been pretty attentative when we're talking to her and is very active now so I think the tubes really did the job.

In other news, Quinn has gotten bit 3 TIMES by the same child at daycare.  Can you hear that?  Yep, it's mama bear and she's a roaring.  I have yet to drop Quinn off or pick her up from daycare since this third incident so I haven't gotten the chance to vocalize my frustrations but so help me if there is a fourth time, I'm going to be heard LOUD and CLEAR!

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  1. I'm so glad the surgery was easy on you all! It's so rough going through that. Poor little babe getting another infection! I hope it clears up fast this time.


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