50 Questions to Free Your Mind {Part 1}

{Preface:  These questions were not made up by me.  I merely found this via other bloggers.  I don't actually know the true source.  So if these are yours, thank you.  Please also remember that my answers are my own and are not meant to cause any sort of controversy.}

These questions are hard and probably a little difficult to think about and answer but my life just seems off a bit lately.  I don't know if it's the pressure of balancing work, life, a Lia Sophia business and training for a half-marathon but I'm just not with it.

{1}  How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
With looks, I would say 22.  This is only because people never, ever guess my age right.  I look very young compared to my actual age and I can thank my mom for that.

As far as maturity goes, I would say 28/29 which is just a bit ahead of my actual age.  When I became a mom, I think I matured a few years.  Becoming a mom meant that I needed to set a good example and lead by that example.  I still act like a child every once in awhile but I'm only 27 so it's justified.

{2} Which is worse, failing or never trying?
Never trying.  I'm a big "what if" type of person.  Sure, I fail a lot and always think what would happen if things were different but that is better thinking that what if I actual tried?  A bigger regret for me would be to never try something than to try it and fail at it miserably.  I ran the St. Patty's Day race in March and have been so mad at myself for my time but I would have been far more upset if I just didn't run it.  I at least crossed the finish line and felt god awful but that is far better than not even starting the race.

{3} If life is so short, why do we so many things we don't like and like so many things we don't do?
Life is so short and that becomes extremely apparent when we lose someone in life to soon.  However, day to day we don't often think about that so we do the things that get us by.  Sure, we all have bucket lists of the things we would like to try, the places we would like to go, but that costs money and not everyone has the funds to turn their bucket into reality.  Plus, I'm sure a majority of us (myself included) have the, "there's always tomorrow" type mentality.  But what if we really don't have tomorrow?

{4}  When it's all said and done, will you have said more than you've done?
Yes, but isn't that true of everyone?  I've countless times said that I was going to do something and just never get around to getting it done.  It's easier to sit around and talk about what needs to be done than putting the work into it and getting it done.  There is only so much time in a day.  It's a never ending cycle.

{5} What is the one thing you'd most like to change about the world?
This one is hard.  There are so many things wrong with this world...hunger/malnourishment, wars, murderists, thieves, the homeless, sex trafficking...I could go on and on. All of these problems are on such a big scale that it will never be possible.  However,  I would have to say that everyone should have a least one good meal a day and a bed to sleep in at night.  I couldn't imagine not being able to provide for my family and to watch my child suffer.
{I sound like I'm trying to become Miss Freaking America}


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