Mama Needs A Makeover

This past winter, I decided I needed a change from my go to haircut and try to actually grow my hair out.  I wanted those flowing, gorgeous, perfectly curled locks that people are pinning like mad. 

Then I thought,forget about growing it out, just do it the easy way and get extensions.  Smart right?! 

Well, I ran into my cousin, who happens to be a hair stylist a few weeks ago and she was rocking beautiful, long brown hair so of course I knew she had gotten extensions.  So naturally, I asked her how much getting extensions would run me.  She told me.  After picking my jaw up off the ground and cleaning my pants out, I decided that maybe long hair isn't in the near to a couple years down the road, future.

I mean what if I shelled out that much dough and they, god-forbid, looked like shit on me??  Plus my husband didn't like my hair when it was super long circa high school and first couple years of college.  Not that his opinion on hair will ever matter.

I also realized that having beautiful hair would take a lot of work and right now, I just don't have the time for it (says everyone mom).

The last time I actually fully blew dry my hair and used a straightener on it was Quinn's birthday part at the end of June.  If I can do math correctly, and I probably should considering my profession, that's over a month!  My typical day is run out the door with wet hair and let it air dry, with no makeup on...but that's a different story.  Actually, that is all a lie, I wake up b-e-a-utiful every single day without any effort....jealous, eh? 

So since I don't have the amount of time I would like to spend on my hair, the dough to back it up (hooking only pays so much you know) and I hate my hair right now, I'm chopping it and dyeing the shiznit out of it.  And by chopping, I mean I really only have like 3 inches to give up but it's something at least.

Plus, I've heard that you're looked at in a more professional manner if you have short hair.  Don't ask me for any real source to back that up.  Just go with it...

Here's my hairspiration (I've been pinning the shit out hair lately):


Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

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