Quinn's First Race

We have this event here in the Quad Cities known as the BIX.  It's a pretty big deal.  Well I mean it's a big deal if you're a crazed mom throwing your kid in her first race at the ripe age of 13 months or you're runner in need of punishment or you're a drunk who enjoys standing in the middle of the street with thousands of other randoms or you're a loiterer.  So you see, it's major.

I am that crazy mom that decides, whenever possible that Quinn can do anything that I force her to do.  Enter, the Jr. Bix...70 yards of one year old fun (also open to crawlers and kids up to 12 or something like that...the older kids run longer distances of course).  At the time, Quinn was extremely active for being only 13 months old so I figured why not.  The worst she could do was sit down at the starting line, wail like there's no tomorrow and embarrass the living shit out of me in front of thousands of people.  That's fine, I'm used to embarrassment...have you ever met my husband?  I'm kidding!  Sort of...

Come race day, we load our big runner up into the car and proceed to speed to the race because we are late (story of my life).  Barney drops us off a few blocks away and goes to park the car and is in charge of bringing the camera to the race with him.  Quinn and I take off in a dead sprint toward the race because the crawlers are already started and Quinn was up next.

If you want to see a clusterfudge, try to get your kid at the front of the pack (because the younger you are, the earlier you start) of hundreds of kids and their aggressive parents.  Wasn't happening.  I ended up having to pass Quinn over the gate to a volunteer and crawling on the ground, under said gate to get in with her.  

After they said go, we took off in a dead walk.  I was maybe, a little bit, trying to drag her faster in a attempt to finish first but she wasn't having it.  If there is one thing about her, it's that you go at her speed.  I let go of her hand a couple of times and she completely stopped and stared at the crowd.  Needless to say, I grabbed  her hand, we finished the race and someone got a medal.  It should have been me, I swear I was doing all of the work.  I kid, I kid.

I let Quinn go through the water fountain to cool off and then we grabbed a few post race treats.  My husband finally showed up and of course everything was my fault.  Whatevs.  We got in a few pictures and made our way back to the ghetto to get the car.

I can't wait until next summer when I can enter her in a bunch or races.  Race on!

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  1. Great job Quinn! And I'm super impressed with the booger that managed to photobomb every shot.


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