Summer Vacation

This summer Barney & I and 3 other couples dumped our chitlins with our parents and bounced are happy asses up to Harper's Ferry for a little peace and quiet.  Not that I don't love my child but sometimes, we have to get away.  This was the first time leaving her for more than just a night so by Sunday we were more than ready to pick her back up.  The vacation consisted mostly of drinking but we did sneak in a few non-drinking related activities.  I'm kidding.  It was really all about drinking and having a relaxing time without any children around.  We've decided it's going to be an annual trip.

Day 1: Driving, drinking, asshole, fishing and campfire.
Day 2: Pontoon, drinking & asshole.
Day 3: Shopping, winery, fishing & casino.  Oh and drinking
Day 4: Clean-up & home.

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  1. Great pictures...except for the murdery spider. I instinctively grabbed one of Josh's boots and threw it at the kindle. The first pic takes the cake you're so damn cute!


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