Christmas Weekend In A Nutshell - PT 1

Can it really be in a nutshell if I divide it into two posts??  Whatever.  Also, when I think of nutshell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song plays in my head...

Aside from my husband being a bone head and not getting to relish in few glasses or so of alcohol (see my husband is a bone head), Christmas was pretty good.  

I don't know what it is about holidays but it puts me in a bad mood.  The idea of getting together with family and watching all the children opening their presents seems like such a wonderful time until it actually happens.  Usually it turns into a mad house.  There is a lot of noise, shouting and children misbehaving and thus creates a big, giant cluster-beeping headache for me.  

It's enough to drive one to drink, which if I haven't mentioned until now, I didn't get to do because my husband is a bone head.  The food is always great though.

Ok, enough talk, look at these.

The soccer ball is the only toy that she received from us.  Otherwise, she got a few clothes, a couple of books and a DVD player for the car.  She's already becoming a soccer superstar!

Also, I'm not sorry that my child is not wearing pants and her hair could be confused with a nest.  It's how she rolls around these parts.

Part 2 coming whenever I get enough energy to do probably never.  


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  1. i'm not sure what your bone head husband did to deprive you of a holiday beverage (forgot to buy wine??? absurd.) but flick him in the forehead from me. that is totally unacceptable.

    these pictures are making my heart melt. she is TOO precious!


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