Analyzing 2012

I was talking to a group of girlfriends a few days ago and the topic of goals for the New Year came up and it got me thinking, what am I really set on doing this year?  I mean what must I do this year that is so profound and different from the previous years?  Nothing, nothing really came to mind.  

My failings of yesteryear were so enormous, that I didn't want to make a big list of resolutions or goals because clearly, in my case, that is just setting myself for a big old epic failure.

Here were my goals from last year...let's just put it out there and see just how bad I did...mmmkay?

1.      Read 20 books.  Doubled it, read 45.  Okay, okay so not everything was a failure.
2.      Drink less pop or quit all together.  Riiigghhht...I'm just going to face it, this will never happen.
3.      Tweet and update Facebook more often.  I sort of vetoed this one, I do want a sense of privacy.  But I did instagram the shit out of shit.
4.      Order wedding photos by end of January (yep, got married in 2009).  See #17.  This still hasn't happened (hangs head in shame).
5.      Give Quinn a fantastic first birthday.  Done and and orange theme.
6.      Save up and buy a DSLR.  Got a DSLR for Mother's Day and my birthday and Christmas (and then throw a couple other holidays in there too).
7.      Complete a DIY project each month.  I pin and pin but I 
8.      Eat more salad.  If you've seen me lately, you would know I haven't been eating my salad.
9.      Run more.  I'd say this was pretty successful.
10.   Get out of the habit of hitting snooze.  HA, HA, HA!
11.   Start a collection jar for every time I work out.  One time = $1.  I started this one and had a pretty good jar going but I think we cashed it all in with all our change.
12.   Workout 4x a week.  Some weeks were good, other weeks were bad.
13.   Go to church at least 2x a month.  I went to church on Christmas Eve this year...I'm going to hell.
14.   Take more outfit pictures.  I am not a fashion blogger...sometimes I think it's a good idea though.
15.   Take more pictures in general.  (#6 will help with this!).  Let's just say I took a few pictures this year.
16.   Clean more often.  Ha...this is a every day struggle.  Cleaning is just not in my bones.
17.   Stop being a procrastinator.  I was born a procrastinator and I will die one.
18.   Take Quinn to the zoo.  She did go to the zoo but I wasn't the one to take her there.
19.   Learn something new.  I'm sure there was something noteworthy in there...I learned a new job?
20.   Try at least 2 dishes that are outside my comfort zone (now would be a good time to tell you all that we have 2 rabbits in our freezer…I’m calling them Fluffy & Twinkles.  I’m really disturbed by it).  Rabbits are still dead in the freezer.
21.   Do the Advocare Herbal Cleanse.  Did the 24 Day Challenge in June.
22.   Be nicer to the hubs and appreciate him more.  Oh, god.
23.   Watch more movies.  I maybe averaged a movie a month.  
24.   Keep current with the DVR.  Right, I'm obsessed with too many shows.
25.   Bake more.  Quinn and I made a bunch of goodies around the holidays this year.
26.   Take a vacation.  Friends vacation.
27.   Go swimming more often.  It happened a couple of times, probably not as many as there should have been.
28.   Speaking of, be bikini ready by June.  Is anyone ever ready?
29.   Send more cards (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.).  I did good for a few months and then just sucked it up.
30.   Play more croquet.  Didn't play once.
31.   Grow out my hair.   HA!  
32.   Stop leaving dishes in the sink.  I try this for about a week and then say fuck it and leave them for the hubs to take a turn.
33.   Get together with friends more often (this has majorly slacked since having baby…weird how that happens).  Still slacking.  Had a fun New Years though.
34.   See two movies in the theater.  I saw zero.
35.   Setup Quinn’s college fund.  I have the paper work, I just need to sit down and do it.  Whoops!
36.   Decorate more for the holidays.  Christmas certainly threw up all over my house this year.
37.   Run a half marathon. accomplishment this year.  I want to say it again because it just feels oh so good...I did it in 1:54!  BAM! 
38.   Run five competitive races.  St. Patty's, Moonlight Chase, Bix 7, Run for Red, Turkey Trott and Half-Marathon.

See?  Big fail of epic proportions.  So what are my goals for this year?  Stay tuned...

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