Five Fab Things Friday

Five thing that are currently rocking our world this week:

1.  Swimming.  The best decision we've made is to sign Quinn up for a swimming class.  She gets all her energy out twice a week and is completely wiped when we get home.  I've never seen that many laughs, smiles and screams from her.  She has absolutely no fear of the water.  The first day, the instructors told the parents and tots to sit on the edge of the pool and kick and splash in the water to get used to it.  Of course, my child is straining to jump in while I'm trying to hold her back.  She loves it which makes me a very, very happy mama.

2.  Friends.  I'm forever grateful for friends who will drop everything they are doing to jump our car after swimming so that Quinn and I can get safely home.  Actually, it was more like save us.  Some people are just freaking fabulous!!

3.  38.5 hour work weeks.  Friday's are definitely more enjoyable when you don't have to work an hour and a half of it.  The bonus is that Quinn is still at daycare until 5, so it leaves two whole hours of my day to do anything I want in a house full of nothing but quiet!

4.  Quinn's ever expanding vocabulary.  I love hearing her say new words that I didn't think she knew before.  I asked her last night to say sit, ship, apple and bridge.  All she wanted to say was poop though.   Husband said he's nominating me for mother of the year.  But for real, I'm trying to get her to say love you.

5.  Races and winning.  Ok, so I didn't win but the results of the 4 mile race are in.  I did it in 31:13 (7:49 pace).  I was the 14th woman to cross the finish line and placed 2nd in my age group earning a shiny silver medal that came in the mail yesterday.  This was my best 4 miles I've done to date.  I'm giving complete credit to Insanity.  It kicks my ass in the best way and I notice alot more muscle in my legs and arms.  My belly needs a lot of work still.  I'm confident in the fact that it will never be flat and I should just embrace the chub.

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