Goals In This New Year

So, appears I'm right on time with my list of goals...just about a month late.  Story of my life.  Am I right or am I right?

Looking back on the past year and how much ambition I have now (which is not much), I've developed a reasonable list of goals for 2013. 

1).  Read 50 books.
2).  Complete the Insanity program.
3).  Run 12 races this year, including a half marathon (again!).  First race is in a little over a week!
4).  Volunteer for Junior Achievement.
5).  Finish 2 classes for AINS (Associate in Insurance).
6).  Put $100+ in savings each month.
7).  Take Quinn to the zoo.
8).  Plan a family weekend (preferrably at a waterpark).
9).  Complete a yarn wreath and ornament wreath.
10). Try a new recipe once a month.

See, easy and a bunch are already underway or are soon to start.  Fail proof planning and being realistic are going to make me succeed this year.  I'm not failing this time!


  1. These are great goals! And totally doable. I am so impressed with the 12 races one!! And 50 books--amazing! I got a kindle for Christmas so that definitely encourages me to read more. Good luck with all these!

  2. Great goals! One of my goals is to read 25 books... I wish I could read 50, but I just don't have enough time!! Good luck with your goals girl :)


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