27 Weeks

I'm so excited that I'm finally into the third trimester.  It's been a long but short 27 weeks if that makes any sense at all. 

I am definitely prepared in my personal life to have this baby, but not on the work front.  I have so many things to get done in the next 12 1/2 weeks, give or take, that it's not even funny.  I have training to give, testing for projects, writing audits around projects, implementations, SOX testing and then the normal mumbo jumbo that goes on.  I could use a good six months but nope, I have 12 weeks.  This is what scares me.

Not birthing, not having an infant around who could be up at all hours or who could be the chillest being on the planet, no the only thing I'm scared of is that all my work shit won't be in order and everything is going to bomb while I'm out of the office.

Speaking of work, Barney started his new job last weekend and has been working every day since.  He is busy!  Don't get me wrong, while I will enjoy his paychecks, I would love to see him more than 15 mins in the morning and maybe an hour at night (doesn't every "farm widow" feel like this?!).  Good news, he doesn't have to work the weekend!  The only weekend this month where I have plans and he's off...go figure!  At least he won't be super busy when the baby comes.

Last night, season 4 of The Real Housewives of New York premiered.  I don't know if it's my obsession with New York in general, but I love to watch these ladies and I am so glad they're back!.  I wish Bethenny was still a part of the show (I love her show as well - I'm a Bravo junkie), but non-the-less, the previews indicate it will still be good and juicy, filled with drama and a side of hot messes.  I do have to say though, these ladies are probably the classiest of all the housewives.  It's turtle time!

Maternity Clothes ~ Still in a mix of maternity and regular clothes.  I lost another pair of jeans to my expanding belly.  It's just not worth messing with a rubber band all day in order to get into my flattering jeans.  The belly band really doesn't do the trick either.

Sleep ~ No problems in this area, just getting up more frequently during the night.

Best Moment This Week ~  Taking Monday off to relax and recuperate.  I just wasn't feeling that great and thought that spending the day at work would only make it worse.  I watched Tangled this week.  Yes, I'm 25 years old.  It was really cute!  I recommend to anyone with kiddos or if you just want to watch it yourself because that is perfectly acceptable.

Cravings ~ breakfast foods, grapes, chocolate & Twinkies.  I crave a Strawberry Margarita all the time.

Gender ~ GIRL!

What I look forward to ~ We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  Tomorrow, I'm hosting a jewelry party in the afternoon (I'm making Sangria and can't wait to taste test it. It's also supposed to be 80 degrees out!!) and then we have a friend's 30 1/2 birthday party Saturday night.  Sunday is my first baby shower, hosted by my sister and sister-in-law.  I'm ready to get all the necessary things to take care of this baby and I think it will make me even more excited for July to be here!

Milestones ~   Baby is the size of a eggplant.  She is getting chubby as fat deposits accumulate beneath her skin.  She relies on these deposits for energy and to insulate her against cold.  By the end of week 27, she will most likely weigh more than 2 lbs.  In the third trimester, baby enters a phase of weight gain and developmental maturity.

Week 27 prego pics:


  1. I'm glad you mentioned the jewelry party! I totally forgot!

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