29 Weeks

Things that happened this week:
  1. I got kankals (is that how you spell it??) a.k.a. fat ass feet/ankles.  Where does one end and the other begin?
  2. I missed my doctor's appointment
  3. I can no longer fit into my bridesmaid dress
  4. I can't zip my winter coats
This week has been grand. 

I should have known it would happen at some point but I was on my feet from the time I got home on Tuesday night until I went to bed.  On Wednesday, I wore a pair of flats that I wear on occasion to work to which my feet & ankles boycotted and then puffed up.  They didn't return back down to size until Friday and haven't puffed up since.  Note to self, get rid of those flats and stick to heels.  Heels don't equate to fat feet..yet.

I missed my doctor's appointment and not on purpose.  I was off a week.  I swear that I made my appointment for this coming Friday but nope, it was this past Friday at 9:40 a.m.  I realized at about noon that I had missed it and was lucky to get rescheduled for Monday.  Thank god I have a flexible work schedule.

If you all recall, I'm the matron of honor in my sister's wedding that's taking place next month.  I ordered my dress last September, pre-pregnant and in my normal size.  After I found out I was pregnant and received my dress, it was too big.  I've been trying it on about once every month or so and finally this past week, we can't get it zipped up due to the boob region of my body....apparently that's the only thing that has grown un-proportionate in size during this pregnancy.  I found a lady who does alterations as a side job and thought she might be able to help but no such luck.  She said she'd be nervous to do it.  That's a really quick way to lose business lady!  Also, she asked why I didn't order the dress a size up...ummm, well I thought it would be a fun challenge to squeeze into a dress that probably wouldn't fit 7 months down the road and then be uncomfortale and big bitch because of the uncomfortaleness on my sister's wedding day??   I guess I should consider myself lucky that I couldn't fit into clothing in my regular size at 7 months prego and not sooner.  So I had to do what I didn't want to do all along and take my dress to the store I bought it at for alterations...$90 later, I won't be naked at a wedding.   Now about that speech I have to make...

Lastly, it's been super cold this past week (with the exception of today).  I never thought I would be needing a winter coat at the end of April but apparently I do and none of mine zip up.  Who's really ready for spring or July?! 

I promise I really don't complain this much about pregnancy.  I'm ready for nice weather where I can wear flip flops, one layer of clothing and no coat everyday, then I'll be happier.
Since it was actually nice out today, the hubs & I went fishing.  Just kidding...the hubs went fishing and I took a book.  This of course was after we took part in Easter festivities at my Grandma's. 

 One fish, two fish...you finish the rhyme

 Nature at it's finest.

"Really lady?  You wanna put down the camera and help a brother out?!"

Maternity Clothes ~ Still in a mix of maternity and regular clothes. 

Sleep ~ Still going fairly well besides waking up 1-2 times a night.

Best Moment This Week ~  besides everything listed above?!  My best moment is all the time I got to spend with my hubby this weekend.  I also did yoga today from not doing any exercise all week.  I was way to tired for exercise and my feet were far to fat for it.

Cravings ~ Fruit, chocolate milk, pretty much anything sweet.
Gender ~ GIRL!

What I look forward to ~ I'm looking forward to my sister's rehearsal dinner where I get unlimited hot dogs and water and get to take in a minor league baseball game.  I watched a Rachael Ray special Friday night (that was taped back in 2004) on ballpark food and it has been making me crave ball park dogs and popcorn and I will definitely be satisfying that craving.

Milestones ~   Baby is the size of a squash.  Baby can be nearly 3 pounds and 17 inches long now.  Baby is long enough that her kicks and jabs are more noticeable.  Baby's bones are maturing but not hardening as it's important for baby's bones to be flexible in the uterus and during delivery.  Baby's bones in her head are not yet formed together, creating the infamous "soft spot".  This is necessary to be able to push the baby through the birth canal.  If the bones were fused together, making them hard and unmovable, it would be impossible to deliver a baby through the relatively small opening in the cervix.

10 1/2 weeks to go...but who's counting!

We call it her little pimp ride!

Nusery decor sneak peak...can you guess what they are or will be used for?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Until next time kitty cats!

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