Book Club: 1st To Die

1st To Die by James Patterson
Inspector Lindsay Boxer of the San Francisco Police Department suddenly finds herself in the middle of two horrifying situations: The first is that she s just learned she has an often-fatal blood disease. The second is a double homicide case she s now heading up that involves the murder of newlyweds on their wedding night. Burdened with Chris Raleigh, a new partner reassigned from the mayor s office, Lindsay finds that she has too much to deal with and turns to her best friend, Claire, the head ME on the case. Claire offers helpful advice and human, friendly contact amid a job filled with violence, cruelty, and fear.

Soon a fledgling newspaper reporter, Cindy, makes contact with Lindsay looking for a career-making story. Although Lindsay can t officially comment on the case, the two women form a rapport, and Cindy joins Lindsay and Claire for their weekly meeting. When a second pair of newlyweds is murdered, and later a third, the investigation leads to a prominent crime writer, Nicholas Jenks, who has a history of spousal abuse and a predilection for kinky, dangerous sex games. With the help of an understanding assistant D.A., Jill Bernhardt, Lindsay tries to make a case against Jenks, who even had an affair with one of the slain women. Eventually Jill joins the Murder Club, and the four ladies share private interdepartmental information in an effort to track and stop the killer before he strikes again.

The major subplot -- Lindsay's facing up to her illness even while she learns to fall in love again -- carefully compensates for the novel s coarse scenes of brutality. Lindsay Boxer isn t merely an obsessed cop trailing a maniac; she s also a terrified woman confronting the onslaught of disease. The story lines balance out to show us the true mettle of someone who puts the safety of others before her own.

Again, Patterson s skill for producing furiously paced fiction are evident as the novel breezes by rapidly. The short chapters keep the narrative leaping with increasingly taut plot elements, but there s an emotional commitment that makes our protagonist even more amiable and involving. 1st to Die is a novel that works as an intense series of character portraits that will leave the reader touched and delighted.


I got my James Patterson cherry popped!  This is my first James Patterson book that I've read.  I thought I would start out with the woman's murder club and work from there.  I want to read the Alex Cross series but I’ve sort of seen Along Came A Spider and Kiss the Girls.
This book was really, really good.  I don't typically read crime novels...some but not a lot.  I'm currently asking myself why I don't read more because these seem to be the one's I enjoy the most.  This one was a page turner for me.  It took me less than 6 days to read.  This never ever happens, especially with 400+ page books.  Write this down…I read a book in 6 days.  Aaaand, we’re moving on.
Interested in reading a novel about some bad ass bitches that take no shit from men solving a murder or two?  Do you like a book that keeps you on edge?  Do you like your novel non-predictable?  Then this one is for you.  At many points during this novel, I thought I had the killer pegged and named, then it throws me for a loop and everything changes.  The end is definitely something I didn't see coming.  Also, if you would like a side of romance, this has it too.
 Super fast, super easy and super intriguing!!


  1. Ooohhh...this one sounds awesome!! I've never read James Patterson before.

  2. I used to read tons of James Patterson books! I'm not sure why I stopped but all of the Lindsey Boxer books were good (I think I got to the 7th one; not sure of they went past that).

  3. I have never read any James Patterson books either but I have them on my list. I have heard great things about this series.

  4. I liked that book! The series is fabulous... and a great way to kill time in the car... :-) I think I listened to the entire series while I commuted to see my then-boyfriend now-husband.

  5. I think this series is on my to-read list. Definitely sounds like an easy, good read!


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