Fashion {Pinterest Style}

With the New Year, I'm actually trying to save more and to not go shopping because let's face it, I never need anything. 

Maybe I'll make up a rule that I can only go shopping in even months. 

Maybe I should win the lottery and that will solve all problems.

It never hurts to look though, right?!

I've been wearing a lot of skinnies with an over sized sweater or cardigan and boots. 

But here are some styles I am loving right now and would like to recreate:


 What's your go to piece this winter?

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  1. that striped skirt and red dress are so lovely and chic. good choices!


  2. I totally adore both striped skirts. So pretty!
    Hope you're having a fantastic Wednesday!

  3. Sweaters and skinnies = my total uniform!

    LOVE the first pic!

  4. I love these outfits :) The polka-dot shirt and the stripped skirts are my favorite!

  5. I LOVE pinterest! It fills my shopping void since I'm on a budget as well, by being able to surf beautiful pictures without buying anything!

  6. PS: following you on Pinterest now ;)

  7. Oooh these are so pretty. I literally haven't bought myself anything in 6 months and I suddenly went over the top crazy in the January sales. It felt amazing! Now another 6 months of no shopping *cry cry*


Thanks for the comment love!