A Little Update on Quinn

As of today, we are on ear infection number 5 for this year alone.  Yes, in the span of less than 3 months, Quinn has had 5 ear infections.

This past weekend I noticed Quinn getting a cough, her nose running and incessant whining.  We've allowed her to sleep in our bed throughout the night a couple times throughout last week into the weekend and if she doesn't start out in there, she winds up in bed with us at some point during the wee morning hours.  


I am not a co-sleeping type mommy but I've got to do what I've got to do to get everyone a least a wink of sleep.

I attributed all of her symptoms to teething because she has been in fact teething.  She has two little teeth on the bottom through.

This morning, I just decided that the symptoms were enough and I had a feeling, I guess it's a mothers intuition that it was a little more than just teething so I took her into the pediatrician yet again.

He confirmed that her right ear was infected again or rather is still infected (none of the antibiotics we've been doing over the last couple of months have gotten the job done) and she has an ear infection in her left ear as well.

So the count is 4 ear infections in the right ear, 1 in the left.

Today we started shots of Rocephin.  Here is a little bit about the antibiotic:

"Rocephin isn't a new antibiotic. For years it has been the most common injectable antibiotic used in doctors' offices. This very effective, very broad-spectrum antibiotic is the one we often turn to for seriously ill children (such as those with sepsis or meningitis, which can be life-threatening), or when the bacteria are resistant to oral antibiotics."

Rocephin is equivalent to 30 doses of amoxicillin.  The antibiotic itself can be painful so they have to mix it with a pain medicine.

We have three days worth of this antibiotic so Quinn will get her second dose tomorrow and her third on Thursday.  To administer the antibiotic, I have to hold Quinn down by her arms while 2 nurses hold her bottom part and give her a shot in each leg simultaneously.  It's not fun to watch to Quinn go through it knowing the only thing I can do afterwards is to hold her, console her and give her a bottle.  It's way, way suckier than well-baby shots.

Next week we go see the ENT (Ears Nose Throat Specialist) to talk about tubes.  Our pediatrician was worried if he didn't refer Quinn, she might fall behind in hearing and essentially speech compared to other children her age.

I just want this all to end and have a very healthy, happy baby that sleeps all the way through the night again.

I'll keep you posted on how the ENT goes.


  1. So sorry for little Quinn! Thinking of you! And I hope all goes well with the ENT. My niece is getting tubes this week too. Hope things are back to normal for you soon!!!

  2. Poor baby!!! And poor mommy. There's nothing worse than seeing them in pain. I hope everything is resolved soon!


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