What Not To Do The Night Before A Race

You don't leave the house in skinny pants and high heels expecting to come home by 9 especially when it's your first night out since ever-ish without your husband and baby.

You don't go to a jewelry party filled with fabulous ladies and lots of vino.

You don't drink the wine like you're a crazy dehydrated fool.

You don't have thoughts of going to a bar and drinking like a fish out of water.

You don't actually go to the bar and drink like a fish out of water.

You definitely don't stay out until ONE in the morning, having to run in a few short hours.

You don't convince one of your girlfriends to run a race with you and have that girlfriend back out on you last minute....AHEM!

You don't actually still have a goal to run your best 5K yet at a pace of 7:30 after the night you've had.

No, YOU would never do any of that.  You're too smart for that.

BUT, if you do...

You should expect to be considerably dehydrated the entire race even though you ate a banana, had two bottles of water and an Advocare Spark that morning.

You don't wear socks up to your knees with fun, green tights underneath if it's going to be hot as balls out.

You should expect to fully suck ass all the way.

Your legs will be extremely tight even though you fully stretched right before the run started.

You'll feel like throwing up nearly the entire way but the fact that the sun is shining right in your hungover face, it will multiply the need to throw up tenfold.

You don't go by yourself.

You'll feel like death.

Actually this picture pretty much sums up how I thought the race went.  

(This is the exact reason I watermark my photos.  Don't need this hottie working it's way through the interwebs without giving me due credit.)

But even after all of that, you somehow pull off a sub 26 minute 5K.  8:18 pace baby!


(Taken from results website.  Last name removed.)

Moral of the story....don't drink and run.


  1. Awesome time! Sometimes, I think drinking and running works well together:)

  2. Awesome time! Sometimes, I think drinking and running works well together:)

  3. You did so great, even with all that fun you had the night before. I'd kill for an 8 minute mile.

  4. Oh gosh, have I ever run into the whole "I shouldn't have drank last night" situation before. You honestly can't help it though when your not just baby-less but hubby-less too! haha!

    I'm totally loving your socks!

    So excited to have found your blog through Meg's Mingle Monday! Looking forward to reading your blog in the future! :-)

  5. Hahahaha. I'm stopping by from Mingle Monday and loved this post. I love your socks and tights! Sorry they made you miserable! But I'm very impressed with your time, despite your difficulties. (And I probably would have done a lot of the same things--the drinking, the staying out too late, and the socks and the tights.)

    Hope your week is going well! And that your little one feels better soon!

  6. You looked so damn cute! And even though I backed out on you at the last minute you should be thankful I didn't come because you would probably *still* be waiting for me at the finish line. Also, you told me I suck fucking asshole for a living so I'd say we're even.


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