Little Moments

Tonight, I went into my daughters room to close her window and to check on her to make sure she was breathing and hadn't put something over her face.  As I leaned down to rub her back, she rolled over and grabbed my hand, opened her eyes and smiled up at me.  Those little moments, when they look into your eyes and you know you are their complete and utter world.  Like no one exists but you.  It just takes my breath away and puts the biggest smile on my face.  Earlier in the night, we were having a rough time with her being so tired and not feeling the best.  But these little moments and the easy way she leans her head on my shoulder when she's a little out of sorts, makes being a mom that much more rewarding.  I truly believe you don't know what love is until you become a mom.  There are a lot not so great moments in mommyhood but the good ones most definitely trump the bad .

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