Book Club: What I've Been Reading Lately

I challenged myself to read 50 book this year.  Last year I read 45 so I don't think it will be that big of a stretch to get 50 under my belt (I'm already on number 4!).

I recently purchased a Kindle and let me just say that it was the best decision I've made in awhile.  I take that baby everywhere.  Quinn and I used it at her doctor's appointment a couple weeks ago to watch Thomas the Tank Engine on Netflix and read a Minnie Mouse book (we had a couple of waits for the doctor and a flu test - don't worry, nugget only had a virus and was gone within a couple days).

I found a really great series called Heller (with a suggestion from my sister-in-law) and the first book is a free download and the rest of the books in the series are only $2.99.


Twenty-five year old Tilly Chalmers can't believe her luck when she lands a dream job at Heller's Security & Surveillance, despite a disastrous interview and no real experience or skills. An unsuccessful actor and almost down to her last dollar, Tilly hasn't accomplished much in life and is desperate to succeed in her new job. She finds herself attached to its many benefits, not the least of which is her dangerously attractive new boss, Heller. She soon discovers though that he is a man with secrets, leaving her with many unanswered questions. Why won't he tell her anything about himself and why is he using a false name? Does his brutal streak prove that he is a cold-blooded killer, as thought by some people?

Moving into his combined office/residence, Tilly joins the strange group of people living there that Heller seems to have collected on his way: teen aged Goth, Niq; sensitive, scarred Daniel; colossal twins, Sid and Clive; and the shadowy Victor, who is never seen. Dwelling in close proximity to them all strengthens her growing bonds with Daniel and Niq, neither of who have ever had a positive female role model in their lives. It also tests her will power with Heller, particularly as he doesn't hide his growing personal interest in her. While she's mightily tempted, Tilly can't overlook his promiscuity or his increasingly possessive attitude.

Not sure what to think when she realises that she's the only female in a business that employs a lot of terrifyingly large and loyal men, Tilly struggles to be accepted as a Heller's team member. Her first assignment, acting as companion to the bored young wife of a visiting rich businessman, doesn't go to plan and Tilly receives a violent introduction to the rougher side of security work. Her second assignment with a polygamous family pushes her professionalism and self-preservation skills to the limit.

When her agent makes her an offer she shouldn't refuse, Tilly has to decide between her new life with Heller and his 'family' and something she thought she'd always wanted.
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My rating: 5 STARS

 Heller's Revenge
 Tilly Chalmers’ sexy boss, Heller, has a talent for making enemies. Not a forgive-and-forget kind of man, he has a few scores to settle - including one with Tilly’s brother. Tilly is kept busy juggling that constant worry with managing three new assignments as a rookie security officer - crowd control at a lingerie parade, babysitting an immature, sex-starved IT billionaire, and an unusual and emotional job with a famous environmental activist. But as usual, Tilly’s assignments don’t go quite to plan. All this, as well as trying to keep her vow not to sleep with her beautiful and enigmatic boss, no matter how much of a temptation he proves
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My rating: 4 STARS


Tilly is a hot mess and her boss is even hotter.  The situations she gets into are almost unbelievable.  I love her spunky personality.  The thing that keeps me going back for more is Tilly and Heller's relationship.  It's simple and yet complicated at the same time.  The second book is a little cheesier that the first but still a good read.  The author is from Australia and I could definitely tell that throughout both books but not enough to discourage me from finishing and wanting to read the entire rest of the series.

If you want something easy that will keep you turning pages, this is it! 

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