The Wedding

My one and only sister got married this past weekend and I played the part of matron of honor well or as well as I think I should have. 

Aside from the crappy, rainy, sort of cold weather and my two year niece walking around the altar during the vows (which was pretty hilarious - she didn't make a sound, just cruised around for a little while), everything went relatively smoothly.  (I actually shouldn't say the whole day was crappy, just during the ceremony and the rest of the evening.  They did get some great outdoor shots in but it was still a little chilly out).

Then again, it wasn't my wedding and I don't pay attention to detail so maybe something went wrong that I wasn't privy too but I'm guessing not.  My sister was uber happy so I would say it was a major success.

Everyone looked gorgeous as expected.

I received quite a few too many belly rubs, thankfully only from my family members and not complete strangers. 

I drank an entire glass of champagne.  It was delightful. 

I lasted all night and I didn't even have to change sandals.  I also attempted the Cha Cha Slide and if felt like a ton of bricks coming straight down on my bladder.  Note to self: don't attempt jumping until you're unpregnated.

All of my brothers were seen on the dance floor which was shocking!  I think their girlfriends or wife had something to do with it.  There are pictures to prove it.

I think my parents mom is an expert wedding planner now.  Three kids down, two more to go.  Let's hope the last two are quite a few years down the road!

We were only 30 minutes-ish late to the wedding rehearsal Friday afternoon.  I think it was a mutual effort on both B and my parts but he'll say it was all me.  I let him take an extra long nap while I got ready and no matter how hard I try, I will probably be late to everything from here until July.  I tell B that because I'm bigger, I'm also slower.  My sister heard there was sort of a meltdown on someone's part.  I don't recall a meltdown but things may or may not have gotten tense in the car on the way to the church that day and also the next morning on the way to the hair salon.

B told me yesterday on the phone that if our little one is anything like her mama, then she'll be 2-3 weeks late, coming out with a pretty pair of heels, Lia Sophia jewelry and Mary Kay lipstick on.  Psssh, like he knows me.

Anyways, back to the are some of the pictures I took that day plus a couple I stole (thanks Amy!).  These plus others will be seen on Facebook so they can be stolen by whomever.

Hubby & I at the ballgame/rehearsal dinner. 


 Hubby and I with the flower girl.

 Bride and her flower girl.

 Four pretty bridesmaids.

 Normal interaction.

 The best picture we took that night...guess who's not looking at the camera.

 Husband and wife

 Get that garter!

 The ring bearer showing off his moves!

 Beer chugging!  Their first contest was back at my brother's wedding in 2005 so of course they would need a rematch.

 Husband at his finest.

 Hubby and littlest brother, Tim.  Party boy dance!


Mom and her two daughters.
Proof that 2 of the 3 brothers were on the dance floor.  The other was probably off talking to husband about softball or fishing or whatever men like to do.  He was found later, dancing with his wife.  (See next picture).

All in all, a fun day!  Bonus -  no headache the next day!  That might be a family wedding first. 


  1. Loooove the color of the bridesmaids dresses! You (and everybody else, and maybe even Barney) looked GREAT!

  2. Ditto on the color! It looks fabulous on you!

    Also, I was going to request a wedding post on your last one and can't remember if I actually did - thanks!


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