We're just like you...only prettier.

We had a very full weekend this past one.  I was excited because I thought it involved zero slow-pitch softball...my husbands first love and my used to be love.

I love my husband dearly but I'm over having to pack up all of our shit, load in a car and drive to the nearest ballpark in 100 degree weather and watch hubby play softball.   

Friday night we packed up our shit and headed out west to take in a minor league baseball game.  What you say?  Why am I complaining about slow-pitch softball when the first free weekend we have, we chose to go to a baseball game?  Well, that one's easy. 

1.  We got free tickets compliments of our local co-op and then were "upgraded" compliments of my sister who happens to work for this baseball team.
2.  We both love baseball.
3.  Hubby is there to help/haul around the kiddo while the game is played.
4.  I get to drink some beers.

 Girl works hard for her money.

 Mommy and mini-me.

 Family pic.

Daddy & Quinn.

Saturday, my friend Rachel, her husband Ryan and their new pup Cooper came to visit so we had a little get together which consisted of grilling out, drinking some beers, making smores and me spending the majority of the time in my house dealing with a baby that wouldn't calm down (she ended up being sick but that's another story).

Rachie and Quinn


Cooper and his proud mama.

Yes, that's a shop light on a tree stump...you may be a redneck.

Sunday I got my first night of going out where hubby stayed home with the sick baby.  He was all like let's get a babysitter so I can play softball (see...even weekends that have no softball really do have softball and you're husband ends up being asked and play) and you can enjoy your girls night out.  That shit didn't fly. 

Anywho, I went out with the girls to MIRANDA LAMBERT! and hubby stayed home with Quinn.  I fully enjoyed myself, probably a little too much while my two friends tweeted Blake Shelton all night about how sexy Miranda is with her uber muscular thighs.  Seriously though, she makes you feel like you don't have to be a skinny bitch to be hot!  Ladies, muscle is sexy.  Sticks and bones is not, Leann Rimes. 

Then we made fun of rent-a-cop, commented on a man enjoying a pickle on a stick and partook in other fun shenanigans.  I must do this again.

 Collectively, we had one country outfit.

 Melissa and her pistol Ann's?

 Pretty girls! 


As Toby Keith would say, get drunk and be somebody,


  1. I seriously LOVE this well over due blog post! And my pistol Ann's!! Must do again!

  2. You made me use twitter and drink beer.....accomplished night for you both! Now what will I do the next few days since I can't stalk your blog anymore?!?


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