Okay, I'll Admit It...

I'm sort of, kind of, really into Jersey Shore this season.  I don't know what it is about those Guido's but maybe it's because they're in Italy and maybe because their shenanigans are pretty funny but I feel the need to DVR it every week. 

I used to make fun of people who were obsessed with this show because they would hold conversations on Facebook that appeared they were BFF's with these people.  "Oh my god, can you believe how Go Go Ron Juice treated Sweetheart Sammie?" Blah, blah, blah GTL.  The best was when they quoted every one-liner from the show as their status.  Gag me.

I'll admit that I did watch the first and second seasons when they played 256 different times every week, probably for the lack of other trash television being played at the same time, but I wasn't obsessed.  The third season came around and it wasn't anything but drama and screaming so I stopped watching. 

Now they're in Italy and I'm obsessed.  I fully plan on tuning in weekly to catch up on their latest shenanigans, pretend that I'm tan, have a East coast accent and partake in t-shirt time even if I don't have a long john.

I told myself I wouldn't but I am.  Am I alone here?  What are your favorite shows you're slightly embarrassed to admit to watching?


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  1. Jas and I both watch/dvr this. I think it's even funnier watching Jas laugh at these peeps!

  2. I'm addicted because those idiots are so ridiculous - it's pure hilariousness!


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