We Gots The Sickies

The germs are plentiful and free flowing in this household.  Gross!  How bad does that sound?  Well, it's mostly true. 

It started off two or three weeks ago (I don't know...all these weeks of sickness are starting to run together) when Quinn was sent home from daycare.  Apparently, she had a fever that needed to break for 24 hours (no fever in sight so I think they made that one up) and little, tiny, red dots all over her face.  The hubs took her to the pediatrician and was told that she just has a virus that is making her stuffy, coughy and have the dotties.  (Is this deja vu?  Did I already blog about this?).  Fine and dandy.  Nothing we can't fix or get over, right?

Skip a few days or maybe it was a week, hubby comes home from work with achyness (I just thought of Billy Ray Cyrus) and the Hot N' Colds.  He can't even hold the baby because he doesn't want her to get sick and he wants his "mommy" which means me, to take care of him.  Great, Quinn is still getting over a virus and we have another person sick in our house.  By the next day, hubby is feeling much better.  He go's against my better judgement and his non-existent judgement and heads to work instead of staying home, allowing his body get the proper rest it needs to be 100%. 

Skip a few more days to Saturday, hubby once again stays home because he doesn't feel good.  He should have listened to the wifey earlier that week.  He then proceeds to SLEEP.ALL.DAY.LONG.

The next week (which is now last week if you're not keeping up), I wake up on with a sore throat.  I force myself to go to work because deep down, I know there something bad headed my way and I'll probably have to take the next day off.  Sure enough, my entire drive home I was consumed with the Hot N' Colds and dodging the urge to pull over and up chuck.  I picked up Quinn which I probably should have never even entered the daycare facility (shhh! don't tell anyone) and we headed home, remembering that she needed a bath that night.  Of course, I feel like complete dog ass and hubby still can't manage to give Quinn a bath, so I do it.  I did make hubby do 'lotion time' and get Quinney dressed.  (P.S. lotion time isn't some sick, twisted game we like to play...it's sort of like a song or saying we do every night when we put lotion on Quinn and comb out her already tangled hair before she goes to bed).

Skip an hourish...I'm catching up on Rachel Zoe and my stomach is rolling and I'm fighting off the gags.  Then the throw up starts and doesn't end for 3 - 4 hours.  WAIT!  REWIND!  We have to go back a couple of days.  The Thursday of the week prior, I received a free flu shot from work.  OK - FAST FORWARD!  I freaking have the flu!  The entire next day, I spend laying around the house while Quinn's at daycare and hubby's working (which may or may not have been a blessing in disguise). 

Skip a couple of days, Quinn has a bad case of diarrhea as I am feeding her in the car, in the middle of a Target parking lot.  It flew out of her diaper and up her back.  Thankfully, I was smart enough this time, to pack an extra onesie. 

The next day, I think we're all feeling good, so Quinn and I go shopping.  Yay, shopping!  We went to the mall where Quinn insisted she need two new pairs of tights and a sweatshirt.  I decided that I wanted to get a little crafty over the weekend and make a pretty wreath so we head over to Hobby Lobby.  Just as the lady finishes telling me where all of things are located around the store and Quinn and I are looking at felt color options, I hear a noise.  I look over at Quinn and she's projectile vomiting clear liquid all over her and onto the floor of the store.  I think I stared for at least a minute.  I had no idea what to do so I chose to do the best thing...promptly exit the store and tell no one there is a pukey mess on aisle felt and paint.  I didn't make eye contact with a soul as I hurriedly walked out.

This week, I'm bogged down by a sore throat, no voice and a severe cough which has made me vomit a couple of times, unexpectedly.  And by all that, I mean I sound pretty sexy. 

Needless to say, the last few weeks have kicked our butts and I am more than ready to get back to regular programming around our household.  We're getting there.  We're in the process of  kicking the bags to the curb where some other poor soul can deal with them.

So, anyways, enough about the sickies...who wants to come over for the big game this weekend? 


  1. Well, I sure hope that this is it for you. I will have to decline your invitation for the game ... I'm afraid to come ... LOL :) Just wanted to let you know that from the Blog Hops Everyday stopping by to say hello and follow via your Google Friend Connect. I invite you to visit Mother Baby Child Blogspot to learn more about my family and blog topics. Hugs & Blessings :)

  2. Rest assured! The flu shot you got is for respiratory influenza, not anything to do with the stomach bug. Sooo, it didn't give you the flu and don't be worried that it didn't work. (Medical Matilda just had to throw this in there!)


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