Advocare: What Can It Do For You?

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Would you like to know how I lost all my baby weight plus a little more?

Let me introduce you to Advocare.

What is Advocare?
Advocare is a nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy, and sports performance. 

There are five lines of products that Advocare offers: trim, active, well, performance elite and definite difference.
How was I introduced?
My friend Ashley and her husband Mark actually introduced me to the Advocare world about a year and a half ago and I'm so glad they did. 

Products I love:
Once introduced to the products and after testing out a few samples, I immediately fell in love with Spark, the energy drink among many other products (the one that's being given away over at Mrs. Monologues.  Go Enter!). 

I loved the feeling I got when I drank Spark.  I loved the energy and the fact that I didn't get jittery.  I loved how easy it was to concentrate at the task at hand or the edge in my performance I received from the product.  I loved everything about it and still do. 

I take Spark on a bi-daily basis.  Once in the morning to wake up and always before any of my workouts.  I love this product because it contains nutrients that you can't get from coffee or soda with minimal calories per serving.  It works for me and can work for you too!

Another product I take on a daily basis is the Catalyst.  Catalyst is a amino acid dietary supplement.  "Catalyst™ Amino Acid Supplement is a blend of essential branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine that supplies your body with muscle-building components and sustains your muscles during exercise and reduced calorie intake.  Whether you're trying to lose weight or gain muscle, Catalyst helps repair and protect muscles.  Other amino acids in Catalyst like L-arginine, taurine and betaine help fuel and maintain your muscles to support endurance and strength.  Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Catalyst helps you retain muscle and reduce fat for a more toned and better defined look."

Most of the time, I do the same workouts, hitting the same groups of muscles.  After time and repetition, workouts can start to damage muscles and using Catalyst is a way to protect them and sustain.

Another group of products that many people have done are part of the 24 day challenge

The challenge is broken up into two parts, a 10 day cleanse and 14 day max pack.  After the ten day cleanse, a person should have a higher level of energy and a smaller waistline.  Then they will do a 14 day Max Pack toning and metabolic enhancing regimen.  People who have completed this challenge look and feel like new and improved self.  I have seen the before and afters and the results do not lie.  They look amazing!

Here is one of my best friends, Ashley (the one who introduced me to this awesome company!).  She completed the challenge and her results are absolutely remarkable!  She lost a total of 20 pounds and 29 inches!

Ashley before:

Ashley after:

Awesome Ash!!  Her husband's results are amazing as well!

The reason that I love these products so much is because they are filled with so many nutrients that are really good for you.  I am feeling the best that I have ever felt and am in the best shape of my life thanks to Advocare products and a workout regimen, five months after having my little girl. 

Not only do I love the products, but being a distributor, I earn a 20% discount off all products.  So, if anything the distributorship pays for itself and then some.  By becoming an advisor, you could earn up to a 40% discount on the products.  Plus, by selling the products, not only are you promoting something good, you can earn extra money doing so.  Some people have even quit their day job because they have been so successful in owning their own business! 

What can Advocare do for you?
Lead you on a path to good health. 
Shrink your waistline.
Give you an edge.
Better performance.
Create and own your own business.
Discount on all the products.
So much more!!
Please check out my website for more details and to view the assortment of products Advocare has to offer!  There really is something here for you!

Want to try Advocare Spark for free?  Run over to Mrs. Monologues place where I am giving away a packet of Advocare (14 servings).  Flavor is up to the winner.

Why wait?! Choose Advocare today.  It could literally change your life!

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