Daddy Is Screwed

B: {walking around the house, room to room} "....24, 25, 26....."

R: "Are you walking around the house counting my shoes?"

B: "Yep."

R: "Don't forget to add in the two I bought today."

B: "Already did.  Where are your summer shoes?"

R: " Under the bed.  You might want to start down here.  HAHAHA."  {Evil laugh and pointing towards the end of the bed where I have neatly lined up 5 or 6 pairs of wedges alongside a container filled with shoes.}

Time passes.  Counting continues.

B: "Rachel, you have at least 65 pairs of shoes in this house."

R: "Well in my defense a lot of those are from before I was pregnant and became a mom.  While 5 inch heels are fun to wear, they're not the most practical shoes to cart a baby around in."

R:  "Why don't you walk around the house and count Quinn's shoes?"

B:  {Big, deep sigh}  "I don't want to.  Daddy is screwed."

You're right.  Sometimes it just sucks being a girl!


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