Getting Crafty With It: DIY Hair Bow Holder

I've been needing to get a hair bow holder for Quinn for quite some time now.  All her hair bows and headbands were thrown in a drawer of her dresser and every single time I needed one, it was a nightmare to find it.

I needed organization and Quinn needed more things for her wall.

So, instead of buying one pre-made, I made my own.

I love them because they not only hold barrettes and clips but also headbands.  Quinn has a massive head so she's outgrown quite a few of the headbands so I think I need to do a little packing away of sorts.  But they are so cute, I just don't want to.

I think this whole project cost me around $10 dollars.  Cheap and mantra.

P.S. I made this back in January so I'm good on at least one of my goals for the year.

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