Over The Weekend

Over the weekend...

...I got my Valentine's Day present from my hubs and by hubs, I mean I ordered it myself and told him thanks.  I am the 1% of people who enjoy getting fitness related products for V-Day.  I'm so happy with it and it's going to be a big help in turning my running goals into reality. 

...we got a babysitter and went out to dinner with a couple friends.  We also went the casino where I broke even and hubs won $90.  I'm pretty sure that paid for the babysitter and dinner! 

$2 margarita make you holla
The Hubs & I

...we went to the outdoor show.  Best company were the ladies offering wine slushie samples.  I didn't leave the show without buying one...okay it was three.  For real, who knew they offered wine at a manly man's show.

sorry PETA

In Daddy's dreams...
...we woke up to this...a very happy baby.

 ...we also did a lot of lounging around and playing.  We even had a couple visitors!

...I made this for dinner.  I'll try to share the recipes this week because it was pretty damn good.

Glazed pork chops and crack potatoes
...I even managed to get a run in.  I'm very happy with my pace.

Split Time Moving Time Distance Avg Pace Avg Moving Pace Best Pace Calories
1 07:49.1 7:47 1 7:49 7:47 6:35 118
2 08:09.8 8:08 1 8:10 8:08 7:24 119
3 08:04.8 8:01 1 8:05 8:01 7:20 119
4 01:12.8 1:13 0.16 7:31 7:32 7:01 19
 Summary 25:16.5 25:09.0 3.16 8:00 7:57 6:35 375

Pretty perfect weekend.  Let's hope this week flies by! 

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