Yep, Magic Fingers

I realized on Fat Tuesday, that hey, the next day was in fact Ash Wednesday. Then on Ash Wednesday I realized that hey, it’s the start of Lent silly and I need to give something up...because I'm Catholic...if you couldn't figure that one out. 

I know a lot of people give up things, like not eating sugar, chocolate or soda and so on.  But I think the meaning behind the giving up of something gets lost.  I think if you want to give something up health wise, you probably should have set a New Year's Resolution.

It's supposed to be about doing something that improves your relationship with God.  With that thought in mind, I'm giving up taking the elevator...anywhere.  This will vastly improve my relationship with the Good Lord because I'll be shouting his name all the way up. 

Plus, I have a love-hate relationship with elevators.  Also, I heard God always takes the stairs.


So, I’ll be steering clear of buildings that have 10 or more floors.  So don't invite me on a super cool trip to Chicago and want to see the observation deck on the Sears Tower.  It's not happening until Easter. 

I wanted to give up soda but I really, really wanted the Mountain Dew I had packed on Wednesday and this doesn't improve my relationship with God.  I also want to give up cussing, but I get so mad sometimes (usually talking to my husband…weird how that works) that it just slips out.  I'm sure God would have wanted to see that one improve.

I’m just kidding about all the above. I’m really giving up work, cleaning, cooking, showering, brushing my teeth and laundry. It will be a great 6 weeks.

Oh and by the way, don't ask me why we Catholics don't eat meat on Fridays.  It's an ignorant question and makes you look like an asshole.  If you want to know, Google it biatch!

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  1. You are HILARIOUS. Is it bad that I still haven't figured out what to give up for lent? I just found you, via blog hop till you drop. I am your newest follower (I am sure I'll be laughing along with you for sometime). I'd love for you to stop over and follow me back (us girls with some reference to heels in their blog title need to stick together, right?).

    Amy @


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