Months 9, 10, and 11

So much has happened over the last three months.  It's like Quinn was stuck in a little rut of not doing much and blossomed into this crazy, sassy, try do whatever I want, hilarious, beautiful little girl.  

Her personality is so much fun and everyday we look at her thinking that she's growing more and more into a little girl and less and less a baby.

It really is crazy how fast they grow, how smart they can be and how resilient they are.

Sleeping most to all of the night but will wake up on occasion.  These last 5 months have been the worst months for sleep.  She definitely slept better as an infant than she has since the beginning of January.  It has most definitely tested us in all sorts of ways but mostly with patience and the ability to function in the morning.

The mornings have become easier.  On occasion we have to wake her up but for the most part, she wakes up and plays for awhile inside her crib or just talks to herself.  Girl is not short on words and by words I mean jibber jabber, baby talk.

Around 9 months we started feeding her more from the table and doing less baby type foods.  She actually loves veggies more now than she did when she was getting veggies as baby food, except carrots and sweet potatoes.  Girl went gaga over that stuff.

She's branched into eating hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, toddler meals such as ravioli and turkey and potatoes.  We eat corn puffs, baby cheetos, Gerber puffs, arrow root cookies, yogurt, yogurt bites, Nutri Grain bars, french toast, peanut butter sandwiches.  So basically, she will eat anything we put in front of her.

We've been giving her less and less formula throughout the day (when she's home with us on the weekends anyways).  Daycare still requires her to have formula up to 12 months per DHS (don't even get me started on that!).  Some weekends, we only give her whole milk and juices and allow her the one bottle before bed.  It's going to be easy peasy to completely nip the bottle as she doesn't use the bottle ever to fall asleep.  We've never allowed her a bottle in her crib.  We give her bottle at night, let her work her last bit of energy out or make her sit with one of us and read to her and put her to bed still awake.  She's pretty good at working herself to sleep without any real fuss.

17 pounds, 14 ounces - 29th percentile (9 months)

27 1/2 - 38th percentile (9 months)

46 cm - 93rd percentile (9 months)

Size 3

Mostly 6-9 month but she can still wear a 3-6 outfit and jammies.  I've put her in a few 12 month dresses but they're still a little too big.



Quinn now has 4 teeth.  Two each on the top and bottom, although the top ones weren't very far through at 11 months.
Girl friend can crawl like you wouldn't believe, pulls herself up on anything, can get off her lion rocker without face planting and has started walking!
She loves to follow us around the house and is still the most curious baby that I know.
Says momma and dada and can wave good-bye.

Anything and everything she can get her hands on.  She loves ripping magazines to shreds, unloading and scattering about Lia Sophia jewelry boxes, playing in empty boxes, unloading the DVD case, playing with the house phone, tearing down picture frames, trying to lift weights and playing in the sheer curtains by the front windows.

She is infatuated with other babies although I'm not quite sure she knows she's still a baby herself.  When she sees a carseat, she's all over it.  When she sees a baby out in public or on TV, she goes crazy.  She loves to make her BFF Bailey laugh!

She is obsessed with anything that has a motor and makes noise.  Loves to follow the vacuum around the house and always watches Daddy mow the lawn.  She gets under things like she's working on it so we're certain at this stage of the game that she will be a mechanic when she grows up.

Happy 9, 10 and 11 months baby girl!


  1. oh my gosh what a sweetie! I am in love with her gummies! :)


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