Baby Firsts: Park Time

The entire month of March was extremely tame as far as weather went.  Quinn and I used this to our advantage and snuck in some park time.

These pictures were taken the weekend of March 14th.  That weekend the temperature was in the low 70's, high 60's.  Enough to get by in only a thin long sleeve t-shirt and jeans for me but cold that I bundled up Quinn a bit so that her ears wouldn't bother her.

It was entirely too nice out to stay inside but I guess we were the only ones who thought that.  The hour we were at the park, no one else came by.  Not a single person. We are from a small town but with it being such a gorgeous weekend, I at least expected a few other kiddos running around.

It was so peaceful that when we were there, I was really glad there wasn't anyone around.  She is so curious of her atmosphere that the first 10 minutes, she usually spends looking around, taking it all in.  It's unbelievable how she is so shy and quiet when going to a new place or seeing a new face like me but snap out of it in minutes, yelling screaming, saying "look at me, look at me!" like her daddy. 

Quinn had a smile on her face a majority of the time.  Loving life and loving the swings, the slides but mostly the rocks.

Since that day, we've been trying to take her down to the park at least once week to swing and play.  Did I mention we live about a block from the park?   Yep, definitely not enough. 

Now that the weather is full on spring, close to being summer, I can see a few too many days at the park.  She enjoys her park time and I enjoy anything that will make her happy so it's a win-win in both our books.


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