Show and Tell VLOG (My First Vlog)

Warning: this is my first vlog.  

Please don't make fun of behind my back.  I'd rather you do it to my face in the comments section.

Shoes: Steve Madden
Book: Seven Up by Janet Evanovich
Jewelry:  Eden and Breeze by Lia Sophia 
Drink: Summer Shandy
App: Toddler Lock


  1. I have to have those shoes! Hot Momma!! And now I want Summer Shandy!! I'm going to get that app right now. Cute vlog!

  2. stopping by from the Vlog! i am obsessed with peanut butter! i literally just eat spoonfuls of it, i never actually make a sandwitch! haha!

  3. Super cute shoes! and your feet came DOWN a size after pregnancy? Luck bish! Most peoples feet go UP a size, mine included. I want my small feet back :)

    ok LOVE that your favorite app is the toddler lock HA! I need to check into that one.

    Im so gonna check out Lia Sophia. I haven't heard of that before.

    Ok you were too cute. Thanks so much for linking up with us!!

  4. OMG. You remind me so much of my cousin. I know that doesn’t mean anything to you, but I love it! Hahah! Cute jewelry! I neeeeed that app asap!


Thanks for the comment love!