Baby on Board

We have exciting news!  If you have not heard yet, we have a baby on board or a bun in the oven - whichever you prefer.  The little one is expected to arrive July 4th!  Yes, a little firecracker baby!  July is by far the best month of the year, hands down, especially the 8th and now we have something even more exciting to add to it.  Both of our parents are of course excited as well as the rest of our famiy.  I'm excited to provide my favorite niece with a playmate but probably someone she'll pick on! 

As far as the pregnancy has gone thus far, is no bueno.  The first three months were miserable and I mean that in the best way.  From constantly being tired/lack of energy, to not being able to eat or have the craving to eat anything outside of the breakfast category, to the morning sickness (more night time for me) to the turning into a complete dumb ass, I hated the first three months of pregnancy.  I'm a little mad that all my friends who have gone through pregnancies did not warn me that you lose close to all of your brain cells - enough to question how you're actually functioning on a daily basis (and forgetfulness too!).  For those of you looking to be pregnant, don't say that I didn't warn you - you turn into a giant moron! 

Now that I'm in the second trimester (week 15 to be exact), I've noticed a significant increase or decrease in all symptoms mentioned above.  I have all my energy back and have started back to working out between 3 - 5 days a week.  I feel less nauseous and can eat mostly anything although the breakfast category is still my favorite!  Most importantly, I feel as though most of my brain cells have been rightfully returned to me.  The last week I've noticed at night that I feel most pregnant.  I feel large and in charge even though to date I don't think I've gained any weight (not sure if this is good or bad with what I've read online). 

12 1/2 weeks

Baby Gear Received
A diaper bag and Barney's baby blanket from Grandpa & Grandma L., an Iowa Hawkeye outfit (Hawkeye gear always welcome!) from Grandpa and Grandma M. and Osh Kosh B'gosh pinstripped bibs received as a wedding gift because Barney used to wear these bibs all the time as a child (we can finally put these to good use!).

I stole the following from a friend of mine who updated her blog weekly on her happenings in pregnancy land and I think it's fun to keep track of what changes from week to week during pregnancy!

Weight gain ~ as mentioned above, I don't think I've actually gained any weight but I do feel the "bump" growing a tiny bit in size.

Symptoms ~  Other than feeling fat at night, I don't have alot of pregnancy symptoms.

Maternity clothes ~ None, THANK GOD!  Thankfully all of my normal clothes fit perfectly but I've noticed that some are not that flattering on me now as they were before.

Sleep ~ I love sleep - I strive for at least 8-9 hours a night.  Weekends I usually get about 12 hours at least one of the rocks!

Best moment this week ~ Finally getting Netflix on the Wii...hello instant queue!

Cravings ~ Pizza, lemonade, cereal and granola bars.  I don't crave meat, however, burgers have been hitting the spot.  Having never ordered burgers when out to eat before it's the only thing I do order now.  I've been trying to stay away from steak.  I love mine medium rare and that's kind of a no, no during pregnancy.  I also miss Jimmy Johns but Panera has been filling my cold sandwich void.

Gender ~  We cannot find out until week 20 and yes, we will find out.  We won't be sharing names once we find out but will share the gender with everyone.

What I look forward to ~ Our week 16 appointment next week as well as finding out baby's gender in 5 weeks.

Milestones ~ Baby is about the size of an peach and can move all its limbs and joints!

By the way, in case you're wondering, no I do not want to share my birthday with the little one - we each need our own day - a day each of pampering from Barney :)


  1. I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!
    <3 one part of R-squared

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  3. Congrats Barney and Rachel!! I wish you would have asked me my opinion on being a prego--- I would have said exactly what you wrote in this blog!! 1st trimester is absolutely horrible!! :) I had exactly the same things you did the only brain cells still have not returned. Now that I'm a mother- i forget EVERYTHING! Probably b/c everything else isn't near an important :)
    I am so glad you have started feeling better and I hope (and will pray) that everything goes smoothely for the next 6 months! And I agree....July is the best month!

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    Anyways, great post! Keep em coming!


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