Week 16

I went to my week 16 appointment yesterday and all is good.  I actually heard the heart beat for the first time which was pretty neat (similar to a washing machine).  Barney missed out.  I told him he could sit in the waiting room which he wanted to do anyways.  I did my best impersonation of the heart beat though and I'm sure he'll hear it some other time. 

On our way back home, we picked up Nickelberry's Pizza (where Paul Revere's used to be - I believe it's the same owner.  The breadsticks are still yummy but the pizza not so much) and stopped by my parents to pick up maternity books and name books loaned to me by my sister in-law.  Wow - I didn't know one person could own so many!  I'm not typically a reference book reader so I am a little overwhelmed.  I did find some things in the "What to Expect..." book where it made me do the whole "oh yeah, I can totally relate" or "what the hell are they talking about!?". 

I spent the majority of my night going through girl's names to add to my list.  Back in college, I started a list of names that I like.  It's an extremely good idea because over time you tend to forget the names you like so having a list accumulated with names comes in very handy once you actually have to consider these names.  My list of 20 -30 girl names was dwindled down to three.  Three stinking names out of 30 that we could agree on.  Of course, Barney has had our boy's name picked out for years...even before we ever considered marriage.  Don't worry, I like it to otherwise it wouldn't fly.

We also got a few more baby items: Baby's First Christmas ornament from my mom and dad; Christmas PJ/sleeper, Cub's gear for our little fan, Peek-a-Boo rattle and booties from my brother, sister-in-law and niece; and a Pregnancy magazine and ultrasound picture frame from my favorite two people in Wisconsin!  Thank you all!

 Gifts from fabulous people

16 weeks
Weight gain ~  approximately 6 lbs (wowzers!  I was either in denial last week about gaining weight or I just didn't trust my scale.  My weight fluctuates so much anyways that I never truly know what my weight is.  Fully aware that time of day and water fluctuate weight as well - you don't have to tell me.  FYI - I'm not a cow and didn't just gain this weight in a week.)

Maternity clothes ~  no! :) My pants are getting snugger though.  I bought a Bella Band so I'm fully prepared for anything I may wake up to!

Sleep ~ Sleeping well.  I wake up at least once a night to relieve my bladder but I'm getting used to this now.  Just this week I switched to sleeping on my sides - not by choice.  This completely blows!  I'm a back sleeper and sleeping on my side makes my stomach upset.  I've cheated a bit and shoved a pillow under one of my sides so I'm not totally on my back but it still feels similar to lying on my back.  Every time I wake up in the middle of the night though, I'm on my back so I really don't see the point in resisting what my body wants.  Yes, I get it...it's not good for the baby...blabbity, blah, blah.

Best moment this week ~ Cleaning out the basement bedroom which was full of crap from moving over a year ago to move our upstairs "guest room" down so we can start on a nursery/baby's room. 

Cravings ~  Pizza and Mountain Dew

Gender ~   We'll be finding out in exactly 5 weeks.  I refused to have an appointment any other day than Friday since this day works best in my schedule so we won't get to find out until 21 weeks (20 weeks is norm).

What I look forward to ~ Getting a spray tan!  I feel so pale and need some color!  Don't worry the doctor says it's just a stain and it will not hurt the baby.

Milestones ~ Baby is about the size of your palm and may begin to move this week.  Baby can kick it's feet and make grasping motions with his/her hands.  Baby's eyes are becoming more sensitive to light.  Baby's bones and muscles are all in place and the nervous system is starting to exert control. 

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