Newest Purchase + Super Easy Dillas

Barney enjoys going to a variety of sales/auctions to find bargains of all types.  I've gotten better with this idea of buying used instead of new since we got our bedroom set last year.  The brand is Kincaid and we were told if we bought it new, it would cost around $8,000 for the entire set which consisted of a king size bed, two 5-drawer dressers and two nightstands.  Barney's bidding magic got us this extremely nice and well kept set for a little under $700.  How's that for a bargain?!  Well worth every dollar. 

This past weekend we brought our happy asses to an estate auction (finally a sale where I could potentially find something interesting).  I am glad that I went.  I found the coolest item - something I've wanted since I was little.  If I were you, I would be very jealous of this bad boy.  It's a globe...yep!  But not any ordinary globe, it lights up with flick of the switch.  Badass!  Once I saw this puppy, I knew it would soon be mine.  Of course Barney got practical things like a radio and a stool for his garage and a picnic table - nothing as exciting as my purchase.  I've decided that I would somehow incorporate it into the baby's room - good thinking, huh?  If anything, it's a cool light and I'm sure one day the child will get some use out of it.  Suggestions are always welcome on how to incorporate this into baby's room.

Try hard to not be jealous!

Now on to food....

Super Easy Peasy Quesadillas
1 package fajita seasoning
Chicken, steak or any other meat of your choosing
Colby and monterey jack or mild cheddar shredded cheese

Prepare meat with fajita seasoning according to the back of the fajita seasoning packet.  Once finished, the entire quesadilla can be constructed.  Put as much shredded cheese as desired onto one tortilla.  Place meat on top of cheese and top with additional cheese.  Place another tortilla onto of chicken & cheese.  The cheese needs to be touching both tortillas otherwise your quesadilla won't stick together.  Place quesadilla in your quesadilla maker.  If you don't have a quesadilla maker such as the one below, simply add a tablespoon of oil (prefer Olive as it's healthier) to a skillet pan and heat (medium heat setting should work).  Place quesadilla in skillet.  Cook until lightly brown (2-5 minutes per side).  Flip entire quesadilla to cook opposite side.  Enjoy!

Note: You can add other ingredients such as peppers, salsa...whatever you like (we're pretty simple).  Just make sure cheese is touching both tortillas so the quesadilla remains in tact.

 My little helper
 Dilla maker
Finished product

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  1. That globe rocks my face off. I was just thinking the other day about how badly I want one. Great find!


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