Throwin' It Back Thursday vol. 2

This Thursday sucks big balls!  I was of course late to work or later than I wanted to get here which in turn only prolongs the hour in which I get to leave this lovely place (but what's new!?).  Had what felt like hours and hours on end of calls and took a late lunch.  While on my way back from lunch, I got stuck by the freaking train downtown.  When this happens, you basically have two choices: walk 82 blocks out the way or wait.  I waited (for the second day in a row) and froze my toes off.  I know, poor me...

Ducking trains....

After work brings grocery shopping and working out.  Seriously, this day can suck it.  I want my sweatpants, NOW!

Did I mention that my parents are currently in Mexico??  Taking in the beautiful weather, drinks and anything else Mexico has to offer (which is a hell of a lot more than Iowa can muster up right now).  They do deserve it.  How they've managed to care for 5 kids and go so long without taking a real, relaxing vacation is crazy to me.  If you ever meet any of my brothers and sister you would completely understand (HA! I hope you all are reading).  Sometimes I feel as though my family life resembles that of Chelsea Handler only my dad isn't completely crazy. But yes, Sloane is my sister.

I need a drink.

Ok, enough getting off subject (stop distracting me!).  There is a real reason you're taking the time to read this...

What can turn a sucky day into something semi-fantastic?? Music. 

Music puts people in better moods unless it's Kesha (oh, sorry I forgot the $ sign).  How this garbage sack wearing hobo chick ever got a record deal is beyond me.  Apparently whoever signed this thing is tone deaf.  She should've stopped at Tik Tok (or maybe not even made that either)....I would have personally thanked her.  Of course, my sister loves her.  End of rant.

On to the goods....
Who doesn't love a little Bob Marley?! 

The following song makes me feel better about my day.  It's a perfect rainy day song.


  1. First off, I'm not Sloane, because, A. I'm not mormon, and B. No one is THAT boring. And you are no Chelseas Handler, because A. You're not that funny, B. You don't do extasy or sleep with midgets, and C. Our dad doesn't hit on you.

    Secondly, in tribute to both you and Todd, there will be plenty of Ke$ha at my wedding. She's really no different than Britney Spears was in her day. And Britney Spears had no talent, but you liked/like her.

    Lastly, I don't care for Bob Marley, and it's not raining outside today.

  2. Yo, assbag....I said that it resembles that of Chelsea's. Not exact which you apparently you confused. I said our dad wasn't crazy which would mean exactly what you said. Really, you are kindof like Sloane...stop trying to deny it. Britney came out in my time...she's my generation. Is Ke$ha yours? Just agree that you love terrible music.

    You don't think I could look out a window to see it wasn't raining? Apparently you think I'm Sloane now.

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