20 Weeks

This week, I can't help but sing repeatedly, "whooah, we're half way there..."  Yes, I am in fact, half way through this pregnancy (thank god). 

Aside from the 3-month puke and rally and the occasional breakdowns here and there, it hasn't been that bad of a first half.  My self three months ago would have told my self now, that I'm high.  I still don't enjoy pregnancy as much as I should but as the bump continues to grow, I'm getting there. 

One thing I have noticed is that I am more chill than I was before.  I don't let things get to me as much or I've become an expert at tuning people/things out.  I guess I've realized what is or isn't worth getting my panties in a bunch about.  Maybe it's my old age of 25 and I'm just making things up or it really is, in fact pregnancy that has subdued me. 

Only about 5 people at work know for certain that I'm pregnant.  This has led to numerous people staring at my belly in the past few days (or maybe it's my boobs, but it's definitely not my face).  I can tell they're trying to figure it out while trying to hide the fact that they are staring.  I laugh on the inside and smile.  It's a fun, little game for me.  I have to look forward to something each day, it might as well be "how many people will gawk at the belly today?" game.

In other news, we have a new roomie living upstairs.  His name is Mr. Squirrel.  He took it upon himself to pack his bags, come over, uninvited, and stay awhile in our attic.  We kicked him out this morning and if he comes back there are going to be major repercussions (i.e. his life will be no more).  I know, too much excitement to handle this Friday.

Maternity Clothes ~ I bought a really cute shirt from the maternity section of Target (I caved a tiny bit).  It still doesn't fit but come summer, I think I'll fill it out just fine.  I tried on maternity pants in my normal size and they are terrible.   I was swimming every where in them.  I couldn't go down a size because there were none available.  I also tried on a dress from the actual women's section (not maternity) and that was horrendous.  I hope this isn't how clothes shopping is going to go from here until July.

Sleep ~ This week I'm back to normal in my sleeping patterns.  I go to sleep the minute my head hits the pillow and am dead to the world until the morning.  I love this.  Sometimes I wonder if I'll actually hear the baby once it's here or if I'll just sleep through.  Good thing Barney is a light sleeper.

Best Moment This Week ~  Getting told that I'm all baby and cute.

Cravings ~ nothing specific.  I just love food in general.

Gender ~ Girl is winning in the poll.  We find out in a week!

What I look forward to ~ seeing alot of family this weekend!  Also, we finally got the new guest bedroom carpet cleaned and are going to start moving furniture downstairs so we can finally start on baby's room. 

Milestones ~ Halfway there!.  Baby is the size of a cantaloupe.  Baby's happy as a clam in there, as his/her well-developed limbs continue to explore the womb by curling, flexing, and kicking. Baby's hair, nails, and eyebrows continue to sprout, and is looking remarkably more and more like Mom and Dad every day.

Happy clams,


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  3. Congrats!

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  4. Hi from the blog hop. Congrats on your pregnancy!! I'm glad to have found you and I'm def following. :)

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  7. you're such a cute pregnant chick! I was huge all over and had stretch marks down all the way down my calves...yuck...
    came over from fab but evil!


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