21 Weeks - And the winner is...

A GIRL!  That's right folks, we're expecting a girl.  Those of you who guessed girl, way to go!  You win yourself a big package of pride! 

The ultrasound tech, as she was fumbling around my midsection, whispered "I think you're having a girl."  She said it so quietly that she didn't sound confident and I was hoping B didn't hear her (he did).  She kept going for what seemed like forever and finally said "I'm not 100% sure, but I'd plan for a girl."  What kind of answer is that?  I thought if they didn't know for sure, they wouldn't tell you. 

Next we saw the nurse & doctor.  From the ultrasound, they changed my due date back two days.  Originally it was July 17th, then the 12 week ultrasound moved it up to July 4th and now with all the measuring from the 20 week US, it's July 6th.  It's creeping closer to July 8th (my birthday).  The hubs said, "if I can't have a boy, then you're going to have the baby on your birthday.  It's only fair". 

I also received the infamous blood sugar fluid to test for gestational diabetes at my next appointment.  She gave me Fruit Punch instead of Orange because she heard that Orange was terrible (I have heard that as well).  We heard baby's heart beat again.  It's at 138.

After the appointment, we spread the news to our families and friends.  I sent to one of my besties, who happens to be an ultrasound tech, a picture of the crotch area of the baby and she confirmed for me (along with a few of her co-workers) that it's a girl.  So there you have it.  Not one, but multiple ultrasound professionals think it's a girl, so it shall be a girl. 

Surprisingly, my husband did remarkably well with the news.  He wanted a boy.  You could tell he was a litte disappointed but he's coming around.  He even pulled out the baby names book to look for more girl names when we got home.  

The hubs also lost a bet to his grandpa about the gender of the baby.  His grandpa said girl and the bet was a six-pack.  The man is in his mid-eighties but still enjoys himself a drink every now and then (but who doesn't).

For the longest time, my intuition told me it was a boy.  But this past week, I kept thinking it was going to be a girl (in this post there are a couple of confirmations of old wives tale that prove it's a girl).  I even prepped the hubs all week so that he wouldn't be completely crushed.  I'm excited.  There are so many cute clothes out there for a girl and what woman wouldn't want a mini-me. 

Maternity Clothes ~ My fabulous sister-in-law bought me a pair of maternity jeans and a pair of capris.  I bought another pair of cargo pants from Old Navy.  They have an elastic band and are the most comfortable pants ever.  I picked them up in the woman's section in case anyone is interested (who is or isn't pregnant) and I'm also wearing them in the picture from Week 20.

Sleep ~ Sleeping is great.  I think working out during the week helps me get to bed earlier and sleep without waking during the night.

Best Moment This Week ~  Finding out gender of the baby.

Cravings ~ fruits & cookies

Gender ~ It's a girl!

What I look forward to ~ Planning and shopping for a girl!

Milestones ~ Baby is the size of a banana.  She is approximately 9 to 10 inches long and growing fast.  She is starting to look like a doll, complete with eyelashes.  As her senses develop, she's becoming increasingly aware of my eating and sleeping habits and of light and noise levels outside my body.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. congrats!! having a little girl will be so fun!

  2. I just want to say, I am not a stalker anymore! And, anytime we need to re-confrim the little Rachel inside you, let me know! :)

  3. I can't wait to buy her girly things! And I'm glad to hear the due date was pushed back, only because I'm selfish and want you to be at my wedding :)

  4. Congrats! A girl will be so much fun. Hopping in from a hop. Have a splendid day and if you have time to stop by would great!


  5. Congrat girls are so fun and there clothes are so adorable. I miss my little one so much as she went to be with Jesus but I have a little boy now and I would take nothing for him he is mamas best friend.

  6. I meant to tell you I am following your blog and that I found you on Boost My Blog.

  7. Following you from Boost your
    Blog Friday! Congrats on your
    new baby! I hope you visit my
    blog and return the follow!:0)

  8. Yay congrats, girls are fun to dress.


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