Shoe McLovin'

I absolutely adore shoes.  I can't get enough.

I fantasize and dream in shoes.

Ask my husband or family...I might be addicted.

My shoe obsession started the year after I graduated from college when I got a "big girl" job.

I love a good shoe sale.
I love boots but love wedges and pumps even more.

I feel sexy when I slip into a pair of heels...even if it's to walk around my house.

I'm a tad short, ringing in at about 5'1 without shoes, so heels are almost a necessity.

My warm weather shoe collection has been lonely, hidden away in storage, and I cannot wait to take them all out when warm weather arrives.

One of my favorite collections is by Jessica Simpson (among others).

Look at this beauty....

Her name is Massi and I love her in all her colors.  I want her and her friend Grear.

Now it's your turn.  Show me your shoe love...

Happy shoe hunting,

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