23 Weeks

Maternity Clothes ~  I wore a pair of maternity pants this week.  I was feeling super lazy and didn't feel like messing with a belly band all day.  Sometimes, I wish I could wear sweatpants to work but there is no one at work that I wish to see in sweatpants so I'm glad they're banned. 

Sleep ~ I think I'm too tired when I go to bed to actually find any discomfort.

Best Moment This Week ~  We went out to dinner last night with a small group of friends that we don't get to see that often.  After dinner, I noticed that the baby was really active and kicking hard (well harder than she was before).  I finally felt it on both the outside and inside so I had B put his hand on my belly to see if she would do it for him and she did!  Seeing B's face was priceless - I wish I would've captured it in a picture.  I think he was really amazed that he could finally feel her and I wasn't crazy, making up that she moves.  He thought it was pretty sweet.  I can now also see my belly move when she kicks.

We got the baby crib and changing table this week.  I bought both pieces on Tuesday and the Target folks could only get the changing table to fit into my car, even with both of the back seats down (it was raining too).  I returned the crib and had them put it on hold.  I had Barney then drive out to the city in which I work (because this is the closest store that offers this particular model - one hour away from our home) to pick it up on Wednesday.  Good thing gas is cheap.  I also made him take me out to a late lunch while he was in town.  It would have been super easy if the crib was available online, but no such luck - completely sold out. 

Cravings ~ mexican food, double cheeseburgers & Shamrock shakes. 

I gave up soda for Lent this year.

Gender ~ GIRL

What I look forward to ~ Relaxing.  It's movie night tonight in our house tonight.  We're finally watching Avatar which we've had from Netflix for about 3 months now.

Milestones ~ Baby is still the size of a papaya.  Baby is busy this week.  It may feel as though she is walking around inside the belly, pushing her feet up against the uterine wall.  Her organs are almost in full gear.  Her nostrils are unsealed, lips are more distinct and her eyes may flutter open occasionally.  Her pancreas can now produce insulin and will produce more if she's exposed to high levels of blood sugar in mama's body.  She has more pigment and her skin and even more fat is accumulating beneath it.


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