24 Weeks

It's been a week since I posted anything on here.  Sorry about that...I've been either way too busy or in pain (that's my defense and I'm sticking to it).   

Since we met the last time at 23 Weeks, my body has slowly deteriorated.  I think this is yet another sign of why I'm not good at being pregnant. 

I've been having pain below my left shoulder for over a week now.  When the pain first came on it was very manageable and would go away within an hour.  On Sunday, while working around the house, I had to take many, many breaks to lay on the couch and ice my back.  Monday came around and I went to work like normal, however, by about 10 a.m. I was in so much pain that I needed to take the afternoon off to address my shoulder/back problem. 

I received an OK from the doctors office to go to the chiropractor and to use BioFreeze.  However, they said if my pain continued after seeing the chiro, I would probably need to be referred to physical therapy...WTF?  Physical therapy sounds like it's not fun and I don't want to take extra time during the week to go.

Anyways, I went to the chiro which took alot of the pain away and spent the rest of the day on the couch with an icepack.  I had orders not to lift anything...even my purse until the situation was fixed.  Do you all know how hard it is to actually follow this rule?  Very.  I violated it many times...just slap my hands now.

On Tuesday, I went to work and was sore in the problem area but didn't have any shooting pains like the day before.  I still iced it all day long just in case.  By Wednesday, I was pain free.  Yahoo!

By Thursday afternoon, hell had apparently froze over and the devil was out to get me.  I again had the worst pain shooting straight through my shoulder...I even had trouble walking.  I once again took the afternoon off to ice (which didn't help) and lay around the house.  I ended up using BioFreeze which was fabulous even though the chiro told me not to use it because of the baby...the doctor said I could and in that pain filled instance, the doctor won!

I've always thought I had a very high pain tolerence so either I really don't or this is pain a intolerant person would never be able to handle.  This is knock you down, rock you like a hurricane type pain and I've cried a few times over it (yes, I'll admit it). 

Today, I'm feeling much better.  I went to the chiropractor this morning and have to go again tomorrow.  There is still some discomfort but nothing like yesterday.  Hopefully this will fix it and I won't have to go regulary for the next 15-16 weeks.

The root cause of all the pain is that the belly & pregnancy are putting stress on my lower back (I already have a small amount of curvature in my spine which does not help matters - I failed my sports physical my senior year because they thought I had scoliosis) which transitions to my upper back.  It's causing the muscles around the shoulder blades to be strained.  Until everything gets put back into place and all the kinks worked out, I'll be enjoying this pain.  Lucky me.  I should've known that my body wouldn't cooperate.  I don't consider myself a weak person but I'm small framed and probably not the ideal body type for carrying around a baby for 9 months.  I guess in the end, if our baby girl is healthy and happy, all the pain would be worth it. 

Now on to the regular, weekly programming:

Maternity Clothes ~ I tried on a couple of maternity dresses and they are very non-flattering to say the least.  Now I'm looking for spring/summer dresses that I can wear to work, weddings, rehearsals and so on in my normal, non-pregnancy size.  I bought a maxi dress from Target that can be worn after my pregnancy is done.  Old Navy is having a sale on dresses starting next weekend so I'll be hitting that one up.  Also, Gap, Banana Republic & Old Navy are having their Give & Get event right now - 30% off I do believe so you might want to get in on that deal as well.

Sleep ~ I get what I need, although I've been waking up during the night to use the restroom more often than in the past. 

Best Moment This Week ~  Having the hubby home on the afternoons I've had to take off.  It wasn't planned that way but it was nice to know he was there if I needed anything.  Grilling out and making a healthy meal (minus the beans) of Thai Peanut glazed chicken kabobs, rice & baked beans last night - it was yum-o!  Wearing flip flops to work this past week! 

Cravings ~ I crave water when I wake up.  I drink water all day long but always wake up so, so thirsty.  I miss the taste of Mountain Dew since giving up pop.  I think I should put myself on a diet so I'm not carrying any extra weight around except for the baby.  Maybe this will help my back.

Gender ~ GIRL

What I look forward to ~ summer & July.  The 60 degree weather we had here in Iowa for a couple of days was such a tease and I look forward to 60 and 70's to make their way here again. 

Milestones ~  Baby is still the size of a papaya.  Baby has developed her sense of balance so she can tell which way is up inside my belly.  Baby can recognize the mothers voice due to their ears being extremely sensitive to sounds outside the womb.  Baby continues to play around inside the womb and will grab onto anything she can which is only the ambilical cord.

Happy pain free Friday,


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    thank you :)

  2. Glad your not in so much pain anymore!

    I used to drink Mt. Dew like it was water. Then I stopped drinking it when I got pregnant. About 6 months in I had the worst craving for one so I got one. I took one sip and spit it out. I haven't been able to drink it again since then!

  3. When I was pregnant with Kara I had back pain from 12 weeks on :( I would wake up in the middle of the night unable to move and when I would get up from my chair, it looked like I was 17 months pregnant and not 22 weeks or whatever with the way I was moving. It even led me to purchase a vehicle meant for a family with 2 children when I was 9 months pregnant because I was for sure never going to go through that again! I figured it had to be from the baby, but since it happened so early, I thought, no way. I remember I had it before we even told people or showing at all! That was until the day after I had her. And the pain was completely gone! All of it!! I haven't had any problem since. She must have been lying on a nerve or something.

    Also, I remember the constant thirst when I was pregnant with Ryan. I also could not get enough milk! I was just constantly thirsty!

    As for the pain thing - I also thought I had a high pain tolerance too! Then, you go through some things while you're pregnant and you think, "how the heck am I going to give birth if I can't make it through this?" But, there is a clear difference between something that lasts for days or weeks and childbirth! Childbirth is a piece of cake compared to those other things!! :)

    Ok, that's all of my pregnancy advice for the day - I will stay quiet for awhile if you would like! Trust me - it's all worth it in the end!

  4. Found you on Boost My Blog Friday. Look at how cute you are! I'm so sorry you're in all that pain. It made me smile though that you said your baby girl is the size of a papaya. One of my coworkers is 9 weeks pregnant and just said yesterday that her baby is currently the size of a grape :D

    Hope you had a good night's sleep and that you're enjoying your saturday!

  5. I am following you on google connect from "Boost My Blog Friday"! Cute blog;-)




    Jeanette Huston

  6. I am following you on google connect from "Boost My Blog Friday"! Cute blog;-)




    Jeanette Huston

  7. congrats on your new little blessing. So very sorry for your recent pain. Sheesh...doesn't seem fair.
    Greetings! I am your newest follower from Mingle Monday! Please stop by my site share the love :o)
    http://cindyseesit.blogspot.com . While you are there, I’d be grateful if you could go and vote for my little booger. I am trying to win a Baby Bullet and I am severely behind 

  8. Sorry you have to experience such discomfort. I'm SURE it will all be worth it.

    I'm your newest follower from FMBT!



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