25 Weeks

This week I had a doctors appointment.  Nothing extremely noteworthy to talk about.  My pregnancy is going as close to perfect as it can be and hoping that continues for the 15 weeks (knocking on wood as I type).  I'm measuring right where I should be and haven't had any problems aside from the shoulder pain.  I'm going to the chiro every week and probably will continue to do so until July.  The doctor said that chiropractors are great during pregnancy and my sister-in-law praised it during hers.  I also did the blood glucose test today and find out the results early next week.  I didn't think the drink was too bad (as I heard from others that it is terrible) but the nurse at my last appointment gave me the fruit punch flavor instead of the orange.

Maternity Clothes ~ Going shopping tomorrow!  There are loads of cute spring/summer clothes out and I'm hoping to pick up a bunch of them.  I love the maxi skirts at Express....I'm hoping they're stretchy enough to accommodate an every growing belly.

Sleep ~ Waking up at least once a night, otherwise sleep is going well.  No real problems with falling asleep at night.  I've also been taking naps on the weekend which I haven't been able to do for years.

Best Moment This Week ~  The hubby treated me to Red Lobster today...my taste buds were happy. 

Cravings ~ Hawaiin Punch, quesadilla's, Girl Scout cookies, shrimp, Happy Joe's Pizza - basically anything and everything.

Gender ~ GIRL!

What I look forward to ~ Shopping and making wall decorations for baby girl's room tomorrow!  I'm also looking forward to the Lia Sophia party I'm having as well as my first baby shower in a couple of weeks!

Milestones ~  Baby is the size of a eggplant, weighing in at about 1 1/2 pounds and is 9 inches long.  All baby's senses are beginning to function.  Her nostrils are beginning to open and vocal chords are functioning.  Baby's movements are occuring at regular intervals each day.  Capillaries are forming under the skin and filling the blood.and by weeks end, air sacs lined with capillaries will develop in baby's long to get her ready for her first breath on the outside.


  1. Awww! Congrats! You make such a cute pregnant girl!

    The ONLY time I've needed a chiro was while pregnant...Made all the difference in the world.

    Here belated from Follow Me Back Tuesday to return your follow!

  2. Love your blog! Following you from blog hop.. I'm Opal from opalstevens.blogspot.com, hope you can check it out sometime.. :D

  3. Congrats! Girls are the best. I have two! Stopping by from Mingle Monday.

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy. You look fabulous. It's always something we want to hear when we visit the doctor's, that everything is going well.

    Came here via Mingle Monday.

    CJ xx

  5. I couldn't find the post about the Blog Hop, so I am leaving my note here....

    BLOG HOPping around - I am now a follower of your blog, wont you also follow me?? ~KM
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  6. Congrats,I'm you newest follower from today's Blog Hop. Please stop by moneysavvymama.com and see what freebies and coupons you can find.


  7. Hi Rachel! I am the designer for Mod Memento and I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday to say hello (via my giveaway at Little Miss Momma)!

    You look ADORABLE!!! I think that striped top you're wearing is so flattered for your sweet baby bump!

    Oh and I wanted to tell you that I love your throwback thursday thing! What a fun idea! You can't go wrong with Destiny's Child (or Beyonce in my opinion). :)

    And I too, am loving Adele lately.

    What a fun blog!

    Best wishes for a continued happy & healthy pregnancy!


  8. Great to find you on the Design it Chic blog boost! I'd love to hear what you have to say about the perfect maternity pant on our blog...please come by!
    Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club

  9. Rachel!!!! Thank you so much for posting a comment on my blog tonight!!! and because you did, I get to meet you and watch you go through this fantabulistic experience having your sweet little baby:) I added myself to follow your blog....lets keep in touch:) Do you have a Twitter account?


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