22 Weeks

Maternity Clothes ~  I bought a pair of jeans this week only because they were $7.48 - score!  I've seen alot of super cute dresses online that I'm interested in. 

Sleep ~ nothings changed in this category...still getting what I need.

Best Moment This Week ~  There are a number of things that have made my week.  We finally got baby's room under control.  We moved everything that shouldn't be in the room and either threw it away (love when this happens but I'll be the first to admit I'm not always good at disposing....don't worry, I don't think you will see me on Hoarders) or moved it downstairs.  We also sorted things out for the garage sale that B says were having this spring. 

We agreed on a color scheme for the baby's room - it will be two different shades of this one color since we have a chair rail dividing the room (love a chair rail).  We ended up choosing neutral colors so that we would be able to dress up the room with any color decor.  Also, we know we're probably going to have another baby at some point and I want to minimize the amount of re-doing in the room in case it would end up being a boy.

Side note about painting.  If you're going to paint your walls and ceiling white, make sure they're the same color or at least paint with care.  The ceiling looks really stupid with a stripe of another white color around it.  The people who lived in the house before us clearly weren't the smartest people and now we have to fix their mistakes.  Guess that's just the luxury of home ownership. 

We also picked out a crib.  Now all we have to do is go out and get it.

On the work front, I got brand new computer (an big upgrade from the one they gave me in November).  It's pretty, swift, and came with Windows 7 (a new system to learn - not that different from XP but different enough that I'm don't know where everything is located just yet).  I won't bore you with what a major inconvenience it was to not have a computer for a day and half while they transferred all my data over.

I went on a run around town this week.  I must say it's a little different running with a little bit of a belly now.  Barney & I have also been taking alot of walks lately.  It's nice to come home, go for a walk and just talk about everything that happened during the day.  We don't always make time for this, so it's nice when it does happen.

Cravings ~ we got our Girl Scout cookies this week and B pretty much ate them all (with the exception of the boxes that I ducked taped shut and froze) but I still got a few and they definitely hit the spot.  I'm still craving Wheat Thins and also white cheddar popcorn.  I've also forced myself to not drink Mountain Dew on a daily basis.  It worked for about 3 days.  I've also been eating bananas.  I read that if you want your child to like bananas, you should start eating them now.  I love bananas and I think our little girl should too.

Gender ~ GIRL

What I look forward to ~ Registering for the baby and B starting to paint baby's room.  Baseball season is around the corner and that is a BIG thing in this household so the more we can get done in this month, the better. 

For all the mom's out there, any advice you could give on what to register for, what not to register for, what's a waste, how many to register for, which products you love vs which you hate, etc.would be greatly appreciated. 

Milestones ~ Baby is size of Papaya.  She's about 10.5-11.8 inches long and weighs 12.7-20.8 ounces.  Baby can hear more clearly because the bones of her inner ear are developed enough to detect vibrations.  Baby will be busy exploring her other senses as well.  Her fingernails have grown long enough to cover her fingertips and her liver is capable of removing red blood cells from her blood.  Baby's heartbeat is powerful enough that it may be possible to hear it through a stethoscope.  Baby's taste buds are now developed enough to taste different flavors.


  1. Where's the picture of the bump?

  2. This was a handy little helper when I registered!


  3. Registry: Definitely register for plain white onsies up to size 24 months. They aren't "cute" but they help keep pants from slipping off diapers and avoid the baby plumber butt situation once she starts walking.

    Swaddling blankets are also great - large, thin blankets to wrap the kiddo up. Very helpful for naps the first couple of months.

    Also, I would have died without my Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. That thing was worth every penny, and if I had to do it over, I'd pay DOUBLE, that's how much I loved it. Of course, not all kids love to do that, but Ben was very active and it let me get stuff done while he was happy and contained.

    I also liked the swing much better than the bouncer, but again, like the jumperoo, that depends on the kiddo.

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  6. Congrats!!! Enjoy being pregnant. I would register for a lot of onesies too!!! The wipe warmer was not necessary for us. (I used it once). I would not register for bottles or diapers, because my son did not like Avent anything (and that was all on my registry). I registered for Huggies diapers too and those didn't work out for him either (got rashes and peed right through them).
    BTW, new follower... have a great weekend!!

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  9. If your baby loves the swing as much as mine, register for one that plugs in AND takes batteries. We went through sooooo many batteries (which equals lots of $$$'s!!) until our swing from Brady died and then I got smart and got one we could plug in. I'd also suggest getting those covers for the crib so that your baby doesn't eat the crap out of it and ruin the finish once she gets teeth. Maybe she'll have better manners than my boys but I sure wish I would have covered it up before I got all those nice teeth marks on it.

  10. Thanks everyone for the registry suggestions! There are alot of things that I didn't think of or even consider. I appreciate it!

  11. Boppy's are great, also the diaper genie is a MUST have if you are doing disposables... pack & play, and something like a mobile or one of those fisher price toys that attach to the crib .... a good set of baby monitors... trust me it is not worth it if they are cheap because they are really noisy. And if your baby finds a blanket she likes get two! Give one to her and just flip them back and forth in case one gets lost.


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