Bathroom remodel finale

This bathroom remodel is about 9 months in the making.  When we bought our house a year and a half ago, the bathroom looked like this:

Ugly.  I felt like I was showering & getting ready in a jail cell.  Everything was covered in gray - the walls & the trim.  There was no color and it was BORING to say the least.  So I dediced to spice things up a bit:

I started this process on a weekend, last June.  I thought it would take 2-3 hours max....6+ hours later, I had the first coat of blue on.  The hubs helped with the second coat and a few weeks later or so, the tedious task of painting all the trim white was complete.  The hubs finished this project by adding in the blind which had to be special ordered because of course (like everything else in our house), our bathroom window is not of standard size.  Plus we've been blindless for 1.5 years and these days I don't need anyone trying to peak in the window at this *hot* bod.

Let me give you all a word of advice...if you have trim & doors in your house and it's a pretty wood color DO NOT paint over it.  If I could choose (and it didn't cost $$$), I would take all the trim & doors out and replace them with stained wood.  White is pretty but it's a real bitch to keep clean and dust free.  I don't know what the hell people are thinking when they decide to paint over their wood work but it's a really, really stupid idea.

The finished product is definitly not everyone's cup of tea but it I LOVE it - the bathroom is so vibrant and full of energy.   I still want to add in more decor but I'm completely okay with how the entire bathroom looks now.

All in all, a good $125 spent to remodel a room that desperately needed a face lift.


  1. Love the redo! I too re-did my bathroom and it took FOREVER! I am following from the blog hop! Hope you'll follow back! :) Memories in the Making

  2. I love color, so enjoyed the post :-)

    Your bath is the color of my livingroom.



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